These Are the Most Searched For Hair Styles in the US

These Are the Most Popular Hair Styles in the US

by eleanor / last updated May 26, 2021

We recently covered the most popular hair styles in the world, but if you’ve wondered what the most popular hair styles in the US are, you’re in the right place. The experts at have done a deep data dive to find out the most popular hairstyles and colour techniques on Instagram.

The Most Popular Hair Styles in the US

  1. Balayage

It’s not surprising that Balayage came out on top as the top hair term on Instagram, with 28.1 m posts and counting.

  1. Box Braids

With over 6.8m post for box braids on Instagram, this protective style isn’t going anywhere. Read our braid breakdown for all the braiding techniques you should know about.

  1. Bob

With 6.4m posts on the bob cut,  this is one of the most popular hair styles in the US. Why not read our step-by-step on creating this classic haircut?

  1. Bandana

There are 4.4m posts on #Bandana, making it a popular hair accessory to watch. In fact, hair accessories are big news for summer, with several spotted at the SS21 Couture shows.

  1. Layers

Layers has 3.2 million posts. Layers are perfect whatever your client’s hair length. Why not have a look at our step-by-step of graduated layers on short hair?

  1. Beach Waves

With 2.5 million posts and counting, beach waves are one of the most popular styles. Why not check out our collection images for all the variations on waves?

  1. Lob

The long bob has 1.3 million posts on Instagram, and we can’t help but think of Holly Willoughby’s lob ­– which is bound to be a popular request from your clients.

  1. Pigtails

Pigtails have racked up 1.2 million posts on Instagram. Yes, they can be worn by grown ups – here’s how to make it work.

  1. Mullet

The cut has always been divisive, but with 810k posts on Instagram and big celebrities such as Miley Cyrus bringing it back (not including Tony Blair, mind) you can expect the mullet to be nig news this year.


  1. Money Piece

The money piece has been an emerging trend over the past year and with 460k posts on Instagram, this popular TikTok hair trend isn’t going anywhere soon.

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