Why is the Bob the Hottest Haircut Right Now?

by laurahusband / last updated May 31, 2022

The bob has been the hottest haircut for some time according to Google search volume data analysis from around the world, so HJ asked the hairdressing experts to explain why it’s so popular and what their favourite bob haircuts are.

The Google research, which listed the bob as the hottest haircut was carried out by a hairdressing insurance company and found the bob had 222,580 average monthly searches last year. In 2020 it was the most popular hair look in the UK as well as 51 other countries, including the US, Belgium and Germany.

Why is the bob still a hot haircut?

Errol Douglas says the bob is a perennial style because it suits everyone’s face shape, hair texture and clients can opt for a long bob, shoulder grazing choppy bob or a beautiful French bob.

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Headmasters creative and communications director Andrew Barton and Headmasters creative ambassadors Jonathan Soons and Nicole Iroh created a Christmas Edit collection aimed at salon clients dedicated to the bob.

Andrew Barton

Andrew explains: “The bob has made a huge comeback because it’s so easy to wear and versatile. A haircut is really exciting, going for a chop is freeing and brings so many style possibilities too.”

What is the history of the bob?

Errol explains the first bob haircut was created by Polish born hairdresser Antoine de Paris in France in 1909 and it has been in fashion ever since.

However, hair historian Rachael Gibson points out the bob is often associated with the 1920s: “This was a time when young women were enjoying new-found freedom and liberation post-war, and when new fashion trends were all about being daring, having fun and celebrating movement – fringed dresses and swinging bobs paired perfectly with the jazz music of the era!

One of the main reasons women loved bobs at the time was because of the freedom that the cut represented: prior to this, women had been expected to wear their hair long at all times as a perceived symbol of their femininity and suitability as a wife. As progress was made politically with the emancipation of women, this freedom was represented in hair, fashion and beauty – and what makes more of a statement than chopping off the lengths that were supposed to mark you out as marriage-worthy?

Cutting hair off has always been about liberation and taking back control, which is perhaps why it’s popular now – we can’t control what’s going on in the world, but we can control our hair. The other reason we might be seeing more short hairstyles is thanks to the shift in our lives to screen-led communication. On Zoom, anything above the shoulders is what gets seen, which is why there’s been such a trend for elaborate collars, statement jewellery and hair accessories.”

Four key bob haircuts every hairdresser needs to know

Akin Konizi explains the four key bob shapes

The Classic Bob

This style is one length all around the head, and is typically chin length. There are no layers, so can be blunt cut or point cut if you want it to be softer.

The Square Bob

A square shape with a square, strong fringe, it was popular in the 80s and is making a comeback. It is typically jaw length.

The Inverted Bob

This type of bob is shorter at the back and longer through the front. It features a tapered back with lots of layers for a curved finish.

The Graduated Bob

Graduated bobs are one of the more common types of bobs. Stacked layers through the back give the style a curved finish, getting longer towards the front.

How can you encourage clients to try a bob haircut on their next salon visit?

D&J Ambrose salon owner Darren Ambrose says it’s worth explaining how easy it is to maintain a bob at home as well as experiment with different styles. He says: “You can skim the collar bone or give your client a micro short statement. The bob also allows you to take into consideration the character of the person, face shape and bone structure. Plus, it’s not always necessary to over stress the blow dry and natural texture as it can look on trend to use the right product and dry naturally. I would reference wearable looking bobs on girls like Kaia Gerber; Emily Ratajkowski; Natalie Portman – and show just how timeless, chic and cool the bob continues to be.”

What are your hottest bob haircuts right now?

Click through the gallery to see some of the hottest bob haircuts to inspire you and your clients.

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