Miley Cyrus Has Updated Her Mullet

by charlottegw / last updated May 10, 2021

miley cyrus mullet 2021

Miley Cyrus has been rocking a mullet aka the world’s most divisive style since March 2020, but her throwback style has just been given a 2021 update!

After sporting a bowl cut for the Super Bowl Sunday (great pun there, Miley) back in February, she’s now gone back to the mullet.

Debited in a new self-directed ‘film’ for Gucci Miley showed her new look. With vibes of noughties Oasis, while still maintaining that Tiger King reference, it’s definitely a statement style.

Hairdresser Brooke Evans explains the subtle changes Miley has made to her mullet:

“Miley’s 2021 mullet is a real statement. It’s a lot shorter and, paired with that vintage blonde, it’s a great mix of retro cool girl with a modern feel.

I feel people have come out of all the lockdowns and feel a lot more experimental, making more effort to be original which is great for us hairdressers!”

There seems to be a trend at the moment for celebrity’s sporting throwback hairstyles – see Tony Blair’s recent silver mullet.

And it seems like it’s catching on with clients too. Brooke adds: “At this moment I am getting more gents coming in asking for mullets, fades are definitely disappearing. We are also getting a lot of requests from women for shag haircuts, which I think is an in-between point between biting the bullet and going full mullet!”

Are your clients requesting mullets or are they still ‘mulling’ it over? Let us know!

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