Tony Hair: Viewers in Shock As Tony Blair Reveals New Hair

by eleanor / last updated April 29, 2021

tony blair hair mullet

Tony Blair might be one of the last people you’d expect to be cropping up in hair headlines, however, the he has caused a stir with his new mullet-esque look.

The former prime minister left viewers in shock as he appeared on ITV’s Newsnight yesterday evening with flowing post-lockdown locks, almost looking unrecognisable from his former short hair look as prime minister.

Tony Blair New Hair

Tony Blair Hair Memes

Many quickly took to social media to share the multiple uncanny celebrity and film character comparisons. The included late club owner Peter Stringfellow and former footballer Gerry Francis, while others have said he looks like he’ll soon be joining a 1970s rock band.

Tony Blair is characteristically identified by his short grey hair, so his new luscious locks were a surprise for many, and the Tony Blair hair memes were out in full force. People took to Twitter to share their hilarious comparisons, many of which included Doctor Who and fictional parody wise men.

Is Tony Blair’s New Hair Intentional?

It’s unclear whether the former labour-party leader has made a deliberate choice with his new look, or whether he’s yet to get an appointment with his hairdresser.

Speaking of politicians’ hair – have you seen our round up of Boris Johnson’s most questionable hair moments?

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