Step-by-Step: Classic Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

by kieran / last updated April 26, 2021

step-by-step bob look from bhaus barcelona

For this instalment of HJ’s Classic Cutting series, where we offer up easy to follow step-by-step guides on some absolutely timeless looks, we’re looking at this Classic Bob courtesy of Bhaus Barcelona.


Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

Step-by-step: Classic Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

1. We divide the left hemispheres from the right and draw two diagonals to define the cutting guide.

Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

2. Through the graduation we establish the perimeter and the line of passage.

Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

3. As we lower the next sections, we decrease the slant of the diagonals but preserve the elevation.

Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

4. Once we reach the occiput, we connect the diagonal section with the lateral one, without elevation and taking into account the volume of the ear (watch the tension in this area).

Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

5. We continue to lower sections slightly diagonally, increasing the elevation in the back and decreasing in the side.

Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

6. Section the bangs, starting from the top to the temple and dividing it in the center.

Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

7 & 8. Respecting the natural fall and with dry hair, cut horizontally, respecting each of the planes of the head.

Bob by Bhaus Barcelona Bob by Bhaus Barcelona

Bhaus Barcelona. @bhausbarcelona
Hair by: Laura Betato. @laurabetato
Photography: Damián Razzini. @damianrazziniphoto Make Up: Rafa Gil @rafagmakeup
Comunicación: Oscar Martínez. @oscarmr76

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