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9 Outdated Hair Trends That are Now Cool Again

by akesha / last updated November 15, 2019

The cyclical world of fashion and beauty never fails to drag up past trends that everyone thought had died a death only to be resurrected by the best-loved celebrities around the world. Here are just a few hair trends from the past that are now cool again.

Hair Flip

First donned by Hailey Bieber at this year’s Met Gala, the hair flip trend has since becoming a firm favourite for celebrity stylists creating red carpet and event looks.


Leaving tiny tendrils of hair loose around your face was the 1990s cool girl way of showing how casual and laidback you are. But most of the time they weren’t casual or done on a whim but artfully crafted and coiffed, and so are today’s iteration of the reemerging trend.  This decade’s version however is usually teamed with an accessory like a slide or barrette and given a more uniformed look with a little wave.

Chunky Highlights

Kim Kardashian West rocked this look early this summer and it’s seen been adopted and adapted in salons across the globe. Many colourists are welcoming the colour trend with open arms as the antithesis to subtle balayage will bring customers in for more regular root touch ups leading to loyalty and higher turnover. Whether it’ll take the word by storm in the same way balayage has is yet to be seen but never hurts to bring something different to the colour menu.

The Mullet

The great divider of the hair world is back. We first reported on this style making a comeback after seeing the style all over Salon International 2018 and now it’s crossed over to the celebrity world too. While the likes of Finn Wolfhard and Gen Z‘s resident cool-girl Billie Eilish can pull the look off, it’s not for everyone.


After hitting the dizzying heights of the It trends in the 1990s the crimped look quickly feel out of favour, being relegated to a tool used to create volume quickly on set or backstage at fashion week. But it’s back again. Ghd brought the look back when they released their professional crimper the Contour, with ambassadors creating red carpet looks with the tool.

Straight Hair

Despite looking easy notoriously one of the most difficult looks to create because there is no hiding behind a head of straight hair. Frizz and damage can be seen immediately, so this trend coming back is a godsend for stylists that were longing to get certain clients back in the chair to maintain hair health.

Alice bands

Preppy girls unite the Alice band has returned to fashion. Whether, bejewelled, padded or embellished there is tons of variety for your clients looking to give their style an added element – especially for party season. Be prepared to see this striking hair accessory on many a mood-board in the upcoming month.

The Shag

When we wrote about the shag making a comeback for 2019 Cos Sakkas, Toni & Guy international artistic director, stated, “It’s a style that suits everyone – all hair textures and face shapes, with lightness and movement that looks effortless and loose.” Perhaps it’s the wearability of the style is what’s brought it back en vogue.


Curtains are back but now the style is affectionally called heartthrob hair. Rocked by the coolest male celebrities now, the 1990s boyband favourite is being in embraced by the likes of Timothée Chalamet and Cole Sprouse.

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