What is VSCO Girl Hair? The Gen-Z Style That’s Taking Over

by akesha / last updated August 30, 2019

vsco girl hair advice and tips

They say that trends are cyclical and every couple of decades trends that were popular when you were younger come back into fashion. This has never been more prevalent to millennials than the reemergence of  trends from the 2000s coming back to make us all feel old. And now, Gen-Z have taken harness of the iconic early 2000 California surfer girl vibe and labelled it ‘VSCO Girl’. The new term is in reference to the photo editing app whose user base is stated to be primarily under 25 females.

Wardrobe staples such as low-rise jeans, cropped Hollister tops and cargo pants were a part of the general 2000s cool Cali-girl arsenal but what about the hair and beauty? Enter the Cali girl surfer vibe that shows like The O.C nailed.

Who is the VSCO Girl?

She is an Urban Outfitters kind of girl. Soft cotton tees and cut off denim shorts rule her wardrobe, even if she doesn’t live near the coast like a Gen-Z version of a Marissa Cooper (The O.C) and Anna Marie (Blue Crush) hybrid but she gets her inspiration from her curated Instagram feed (probably courtesy of VSCO cam) and YouTubers such as Emma Chamberlain.

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What is VSCO girl Hair?

The hair vibe for this trend is very 2000s So-Cal. “It’s effortless-looking hair,” says Katie Hale, head of colour at Charles Worthington Salons, “you can achieve this look by adding colour around the hairline (money piece) where the sun naturally lifts hair.” But it’s not about going all out blonde, Katie advises that blonde pieces should be used to enhance the hair rather than cover or coat.

The southern Californian vibe continues with the styling – think soft surfer girl soft waves. With this look salt spray will be essential to get that easy breezy texture. Accessories-wise the scrunchie is key to pull their hair up in a messy high ponytail.

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What do your VSCO hair clients want?

“Think sun-kissed, subtle balayage that’s low maintenance and gives hair a gorgeous glow,” says Lyndsey Ford, head of education at IdHair. The look is very natural and carefree so your client won’t want a change that’s too far from their natural base. “You want the hair to look as natural as possible – as though it’s not been coloured and has simply just been kissed by the sun! This will also allow the root to not look too harsh and the colour to blend perfectly so it will grow out seamlessly,” says Lyndsey.

In regards to the hair finish, texture-enhancing product is key if your client has naturally poker straight hair. “When creating this look always finish the hair with some soft waves by using a flat iron or curling tong and mist through the hair with a texturising spray or salt spray (such as IdHAIR’s Elements Xclusive Blow Bleach Spray)” advises Lyndsey. Top tip for that lived-in look scrunch product in after spritzing.

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