Wait, Are We Prepared For the Return of Chunky Highlights?

by akesha / last updated September 5, 2019

By now we should be used to 1990s and 2000s trends seeping their way back into the trend hot list. With trends like VSCO girl hair and 1990s teen hair accessories back in full force we really can’t be surprised by the return of chunky highlights, brought by none other than Kim Kardashian West.

Could this trend resurgence threaten the balayage boom that we’ve seen over the last five years? It’s a way to stand out from the crowd but it doesn’t need to be dramatic or stark. Kim’s look is a prime example to show how chunky highlights can be made current, by opting for subtle tone difference rather than a dated, streaky multi-coloured look.

Chunky Highlights – Harder to Maintain?

One of the things that clients love about balayage is the ease of maintenance. They can go for months without having to set foot in the salon before they opt for a refresh. However, with chunky highlights. by definition the colour is less subtle and delicate and more standout so regrowth is a lot more obvious.

britney spears chunky highlights

Britney Spears rocking the 2000s chunky highlight

Even if the look isn’t every clients cup of tea you might see an increase of requests coming in as the trend picks up pace.

“When wanting to achieve a chunky highlight make sure you place it carefully under your parting and leave a slight veil at the top of the highlight, advises Taylor Ward, Senior Colourist at Jo Hansford. “This ensures that there is a good blend and that growth will blend into the whole head of hair.”

If you want to avoid your client stepping back into the 1990s completely, think about the placement around the hairline. “Chunky highlights work perfectly for the body of the hair, however if you want to incorporate highlights around the hairline, application should always be much finer around the hairline,” warns Taylor.

Also, be careful with pre-coloured hair. “Those with an already tinted hair base, opt for more subtle colours, as this will look stark against the base. When choosing colours, colour tones in the same family as your base hair colour work for the best outcome

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