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Spotted: The Gossip Girl Hair Trends to Recreate on your Clients

by eleanor / last updated July 12, 2021

The remake of the hit TV series is now out, but, the hairstyles of the original upper-East-siders are still proving to be as popular as ever (headbands, anyone?) Here, the experts show you how to achieve the Gossip Girl hair trends from each of the characters and update the iconic looks for your clients.

Gossip Girl Hair Trends

Serena van der Woodsen

Long, blonde and effortlessly done, Serena’s hairstyle is still sought after today. “I think Serena’s hair is definitely still relevant, I’ve found lots of clients covet the characters long tresses as she was such an icon,” says Jonathan Soons, creative ambassador for Headmasters.

“For me, it’s because she had the perfect blend of Boho chic with a little glamour – it was undone but not so much it became hippy,” he says.

Recreate it: “To create any of Serena’s signature styles, start with a curling wand and gently add a bend to the hair,” says Simon Hill, owner of SESH hairdressing.

“Make sure to leave a couple of inches at the end of each section straight to create that boho finish and alternate the direction of the curling wand when doing this,” he says. “Finish with a texturising spray and use your fingers to manipulate the hair and add even more texture and remove any ‘neatness’.”

Alternatively, get creative with some accessories. “Try adding a scarf for an off-duty Bridget Bardot feel,” says Jonathan. “To do this, create a deep side parting, take hair from in front of the ears, place the scarf as you would a headband and tie underneath the hair.”

Blair Waldorf

With hair as polished and precise as her comebacks, Blair’s prim and proper cut was rarely seen without one of her Queen B headbands – a Gossip Girl hair trend that’s made a comeback in recent years.

“Blair’s hair is much more styled and created using curling irons to get the perfect springy curls,” says Karen Thomson, owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa. “This hairstyle is still very much on trend today, however, we are noticing more clients in the salon opting for a look in between the Blair and Serena, and coming in for curls that are not so defined like Blair’s, but also not as relaxed as Serena’s,” she says.

Recreate it: “I would bring her look more up to date with a softer, more brushed out wave,” says Gareth Williams, creative ambassador and colour lead, Headmasters. “Working with her statement clean textures it would keep her hair fresh rather than over styling with hairsprays.”

Hair accessories are still going strong, too. “Hairbands, sparkly clips and oversized bows made a huge come back last year and were seen at lots of A/W 20 shows, such as Gucci, Chanel and Giambattista Valli,” says Harriet Young from Ken Picton Salon.

“Hairbands can also be used to hide unwanted roots in between colour appointments, to disguise day old hair or to manage unruly, frizzy hair,” says Steph Smith from Ken Picton Salon.

Jenny Humphrey

Little J’s hair takes on a makeover as she transforms from Blair’s minion to rebellious teenager, with choppy, platinum hair to match (not forgetting the questionable hair extensions). This look reminds of of the TikTok sensation, the wolf cut.

“This long transient cut is still relevant as this hairstyle can be moved in any direction; it can be worn in an updo, down and sleek or even beachy – this offers many looks without massive commitment,” says Harriet.

Recreate it: “The success of this colour is dependent on the integrity of the hair and the strength of it,” says Krysia West, Aveda cutting professional and colour ambassador, owner of Perfectly Posh Hair Design.

“The stronger the hair is the less appointments this process would take as you should be able to achieve more in each sitting,” she adds. “On average, you would probably require two or three appointments to reach this shade if the hair wasn’t really light already. It is important to ensure that the change is something the client definitely wants to go through with, especially when going blonde.”

Vanessa Abrams 

Her hair is often straightened and has extensions throughout the series, but Brooklyn girl Vanessa’s early series, mid-length waves are perhaps even more popular now as clients embrace their natural hair texture.

“Natural curly hair is definitely on trend as people are highly conscious of their hair’s condition, even celebrities like Rihanna have swapped their flat iron for natural, tamed curly hair,” says Steph.

Recreate it: “To recreate Vannesa’s mid-length waves, use Kérastase Discipline shampoo and conditioner to prepare the hair, then pre-blow dry, apply L’Oréal Professionnel Tecniart Siren Waves and lightly diffuse the hair,” says Steph. Finally, finish with an oil to add gloss and shine to the curls. 

Chuck Bass

“Chuck Bass’ hair is always very defined and groomed, which suits his character as a businessman,” says Jim Shaw, owner of TONI&GUY Billericay.

“With Chuck’s look I would assume quite a lot of hair product has been used to keep the hair in place and that a product with a shiny finish has been used to give the hair that visual shine,” he adds.

“In the series Chuck also regularly sported a side parting/comb over. This is still very much on trend with men today and can be incorporated into many looks including fades that have become popular amongst men for some time now.”

Recreate it: “When creating this look in the salon, I always like to use the scissor over comb technique and keep the hair shorter at the sides with more length and volume on top,” says Jim.

“I also think that we have started to see a lot more of men changing from using hair products with a shiny finish to those with a matt finish, giving the hair a more natural look,” he adds.

“We have definitely seen a rise in men using more texturising products, such as salt sprays instead of gels and waxes and I think this will continue as we head further into 2020.”

Nate Archibald

Golden boy Nate sports a few different looks in the series, however, his tousled hair and side fringe is perhaps his most iconic.

“Although textured, Nate’s look always looked incredibly groomed and this is something we are starting to move away from as we come into 2020,” says Jim. “We are noticing a lot more men using simple texturising sprays to enhance their natural hair, rather than blow-drying their hair for a smooth finish first and adding some texturising spray for texture and volume.”

Recreate it: To update this style for 2020, play with the parting, says Jim. “Side fringes are a lot less popular with men now and instead, side partings have taken over and became one of the biggest trends for 2020 for men to modernise their style,” he says.

“This hairstyle can be adapted to be worn down with a fringe or away from the face to change up your look, as seen by Shawn Mendes,” says Harriet.

Dan Humphrey

Lonely boy’s hair has quite the transformation from season one to six. “Dan’s hair begins quite short and tame and moves to dishevelled and curly quite quickly,” says Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing.

“To create this look, the client needs to have naturally curly hair for it to work well. Allow the hair to grow out naturally and trim the back and sides slightly during this process to retain the shape towards the nape of the neck,” he says. “Then use a diffuser to gently dry the curls and define with a soft shaping paste.”

Recreate it: This is one of the Gossip Girl hair trends that needs an update. “This look may be a little dated now as it was very long and overgrown on top,” says Ross. “The contemporary edition of Dan’s signature style would be curls that are more contained and groomed. A subtle skin fade through the back and sides and longer length on top which falls into soft curls naturally, or remains textured if the client has straight hair,” he says.

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