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The Wolf Cut: How to Style and Colour TikTok’s Latest Craze

by kieran / last updated May 27, 2021

Wolf Cut copper colour

Introducing the Wolf Cut, the latest trend to blow up on TikTok which effortlessly combines the shag and the mullet.

Originating from Korea, the look quickly went internationally viral and has since been adopted by Gen Z on the social media app, receiving over 227.9 million views as of 26 May.

“The wolf cut is a hybrid of a shag and mullet and can be worn by any and all genders who want a cool effortless style. It resembles the mane of a wolf and has a rock-n-roll vibe,” explains Becka Bradshaw, Sam Villa ambassador.

By combining the two iconic looks, the Wolf Cut combines heavy layers, an asymmetrical fringe and hair that flips or floats up in the back, creating an edgy yet chic look that requires minimal styling.

Sophia Hilton, Crazy Color ambassador and founder of Not Another Salon, says: “The Wolf Cut is a way of making the mullet easier to swallow. It’s a softer, more commercial way to cut layers shorter so that this cut can be adopted by a wider range of people. The whole point of the cut is easy maintenance and I believe it’ll be the biggest cut of 2021-22.”

Below, we hear the best ways to cut and style the Wolf Cut from Becka (Sam Villa) and the best ways to colour the viral look from Sophia (Crazy Color/Not Another Salon):


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How to cut and style the Wolf Cut, from Sam Villa

Best Hair Type: Straight to wavy/curly.  Once the hair is broken down horizontally into areas of the head, it can be cut wet or dry. 

Compressed cutting is used in the back and nape to quickly move hair from short to long. You can use a Sam Villa Classic Series Dry Cutting Shears 6.5” to remove hair with ease and cut the compressed sections blunt. For heavier textures, use a Sam Villa Classic Series 14-Tooth Point Cutting Shear for more aggressive texture and weight removal. 

Pivotal partings are important in the top and sides as the hair will need to be shorter in these areas. Choose one point to focus on and turn from that guide, radiating hair out from the crown towards the face. You can use a Sam Villa Razor in short to medium strokes to create texture in the face framing layers. 

Styling: Wavy and curly haired textures require the least amount of styling and can air dry or be diffused with the right wave enhancing products such as Mizani True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Gel. Straight hair may require a waxy spray such as Redken Wax Blast 10 to achieve the desired volume at the crown.


Three stand-out Wolf Cut colour looks from Not Another Salon:

Wolf Cut copper colour

The Copper Wolf

Warm, bold and a little bit wild. Just like the name suggests. Not Another Salon suggests using Crazy Color’s Semi Permanent shades in Orange and Fire for a super vibrant, orange-toned look, or mixing in a few drops of Vermillion Red for a more earthy, red-toned look.

wolf cut pink

The Pink Wolf

The most versatile of the bunch, the Pink Wolf works as a soft, subtle pastel shade, for this version Not Another Salon uses Crazy Color’s shades Marshmallow or Candy Floss, or for a strong, vibrant version they’d recommend Crazy Color’s shade Cyclamen. Not Another Salon also likes to bleed the tones together to create a strong, vibrant root that melts away into soft pastel lengths. This works with any colour combination but is especially on trend in pink.

wolf cut aqua

The Aqua Wolf

Love bright blue and green tones? This one’s for you. Using the same Not Another Salon colour bleed technique they love to mix up a blue shade for the roots, that melts into a green shade through the lengths. To take this look to the next level they suggest using Crazy Color’s Neon range in shade Toxic UV. Toxic UV is super special because it’s a vibrant neon in daylight, but transforms to glow in the dark under blacklight.

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