10 Celebrity Hair Extension Disasters

by rachael / last updated January 21, 2015

10 Celebrity Hair Extension Disasters

Hair extensions can work miracles on making hair looking luscious but over the years, we’ve seen some true celebrity hair extension disasters.

Online hair and beauty retailer Hairtrade.com has picked out some of the worst hair extensions culprits from the past decade, including the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera.

While some of the stars selected aren’t necessarily known for good hair days, surprisingly some more stylish celebs like Beyoncé and Victoria have some hair extension skeletons hiding in their closet.

A spokesperson from Hairtrade.com said: “We’ve all got photos that we look back on and say, ‘what was I thinking?’ so it’s reassuring to know that no matter how perfect these celebs seem, they’ve had their share of hair care faux pas too.

“Hair extensions may seem like a quick fix to get the hair you want but unless they are applied with care by an expert using professional products and techniques, it can lead to some sticky situations and embarrassing photos.

“Everyone wants long, thick, luscious hair and extensions are a great way of achieving this; you just need to take time and find the right ones for you and the right stylist to apply them.”

Here’s a reminder of these celebrities’ hair extension nightmares.

Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions - Britney Spears

Britney Spears

“Recently Britney has been looking great in preparation for her Piece of Me residency in Vegas, but no one can forget those dodgy hair extensions of the early ’00s.”

Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions - Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

“No, Lindsay, you most definitely cannot sit with us with hair extensions like that. The actress’ dodgy two-toned fiasco is the best advertisement for the importance of colour matching your hair extensions to blend with your natural colour – even if you’re blonde.”

Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions - Pamela Anderson (2)

Pamela Anderson

“Pamela’s new chic pixie cut makeover is a far cry from her previous history with hair extensions. With literally hair-raising roots and a clearly visible difference in hair, the model-turned-actress has seen some bad hair days in the past.”

Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions - Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

“She may be a multi-millionaire but the heiress’s straggly hair extensions during the early 00’s certainly didn’t show it. We much prefer the darker locks the socialite has been rocking more recently and it seems she’s learnt a thing or two about how to wear hair extensions.”

Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions - Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

“Now she’s considered one of the most stylish women on the planet but remember when Posh Spice sported some not very well-disguised hair extensions?”

Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions - Katie Price

Katie Price

“Katie Price has been taking better care of her hair more recently but the toll of her extensions on her scalp was obvious when she was wearing them everyday. If you are wearing synthetic hair extensions as opposed to bonded human hair ones, try to avoid wearing them everyday and instead save for special occasions.”

Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions - Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

“The length of the Gossip Girl star’s hair extensions was astounding – were they hair extensions attached to hair extensions? If you are using hair extensions to make your hair look longer, don’t go overboard like Taylor and stick to a more natural and realistic length.”

Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions - Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

“Ombre and dip dye looks are on-trend and extensions are great for creating the look, but Nicole Richie got the wrong idea with this look. Back in the early 00’s she sported some questionable random brown hair extensions mixed with her trademark blonde style. If you want to have multiple tones in your hair, ask your extensionist to pick colours that blend more naturally together.”

10 Celebrity Hair Extension Disasters - Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

“The Voice US judge has rocked some questionable hairstyles but her crimped hair extensions with straight red streaks have got to be one of her worst. If you are wearing hair extensions, make sure to keep your styling consistent across every strand otherwise is will show in photos.”

Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions - Beyonce


“Even the #flawless Queen B doesn’t always get it right. Her extra long braided hair extensions looked straggly. We much prefer the singer’s two-toned bob look with the help of some more natural looking hair extensions.”

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