The Worst Christmas Hair We’ve Seen

by eleanor / last updated December 7, 2020

worst festive hair

When it comes to Christmas time, there are festive hair ‘dos that make the nice list, and those that make the naughty list. Here, hairdressers share their worst Christmas hair nightmares…

Worst Christmas Hair

Donald Trump in Home Alone 2

When I think of worst hair I can’t help but think of Donald Trump… and not just during the festive season,” says Danilo Giangreco, Danilo Hair Boutique, Chelsea.

Speaking of politicians with bad hair, have you seen some of Boris Johnson’s worst hair moments?

The Bauble Beard

“For me the worst festive hairstyling is the Christmas decorated beard,” says Alexander J Maud, Maud Salon, Brighton.

“As someone who has a beard I hate it every year when it makes the rounds as I always get asked by someone if I do it or if I ever have,” he says. “How could this not be the be worse thing you’ve seen?”

Basic Tinsel

“We’ll keep this succinct. TINSEL. A client made a request to have the awful stuff braided into her hair during advent 2019,” says Mark Creed, Idelwild.

“The request was carried out but we felt it had a negative effect on the whole teams’ morale,” he says. “Dreadful – it should be outlawed.”



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