The Most Festive Hair We’ve Ever Seen (These Looks are Totally Extra)

by charlottegw / last updated December 3, 2020

festive hair

Christmas is the time of year to go OTT. Glitter, accessories, miniature xmas trees – it’s time to go fully festive  with your clients’ hair.

We’re not going to lie, we’re not sure whether some of these looks are for fancy dress or just for fun – but top marks for effort. Behold, the extra Xmas hair that’s giving us pure joy this Season of Giving…

Present tense

Why keep presents under the tree when you can wear them on your head?! This festive updo comes complete with a tree placed at a jaunty angle (fun) and brightly wrapped gifts spread across the client’s head.

It’s a reindeer bun, hun

Buns don’t have to be boring. Pimp your client’s neat ballerina bun with pipe cleaners and a red ball and hey presto, Rudolph’s in town!

Red and green should never be seen…

Whoever coined the saying above clearly hadn’t seen this bold 50/50 hair look. Cheery, on-trend and a full on statement. (Bonus points for the client’s quirky watermelon shoes – we love!)

Hot pine bling

Congratulations to whoever created this piece of hair art. Topped with a very 2019 gold bow, this pine tree plait even includes fairy lights!

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