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Boris Johnson’s Best (Worst) Hair Moments

by charlottegw / last updated July 7, 2022

boris johnson hair meme

If there’s one thing that’s united the country (regardless of their political stance), it’s having a good chuckle at Boris Johnson hair. Never one to look immaculately groomed, Boris takes things to new un-groomed levels. Have a look at these hair memes…

‘Essential’ business

First up we’ve got the meme that a thousand hairdressers lol’d at! Sadly reopening the beauty sector was a laughing matter for the government.

Boris Johnson meme

Trimdependence Day!

WOW we bet 4th July brought a lot of hair horror shows like this through your doors. Put down the kitchen scissors people …


Ok, this Throwback pic of Bojo showed that he did brush his hair. Once.

LOL Cats

A hair meme round-up wouldn’t be a meme round-up without a cat meme! What a cutie. (The cat, not Boris).

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