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The Modern Mullet: The 1970s Hair Trend is Reimagined for 2020

by akesha / last updated January 16, 2020

We’ve been talking about the mullet making a comeback since Salon International 2018 when many of the live stage looks took cues from 1970s and 1980s styles and the HJ Men stage was swamped with striking men mullets. Now, it seems that the modern mullet has firmly taken it’s place as a reinvented trend to watch.

In 2019, starlets from Billie Eilish (albeit by accident) to Finn Wolfhard rocked the marmite style so it was only a matter of time before it hit the mainstream for Gen Z clientele inspiration. Even Miley Cyrus is taking cues from her dad Billy Ray, who once sported one of the most iconic mullets of all time.

The latest star to get the style is Euphoria actress Barbie Ferreira, rocking what stylists are labelling the ‘modern mullet’. The star took to Instagram to show off her new style.

So, what is the modern mullet?

Famously, the mullet is when the hair is cut short at the front and sides with the back left long, although the newer take on this can be styled in different ways.

Whether it’s embracing a softer look and working with the hair’s natural movement, or incorporating a more severe crop for a disconnected and texture-happy haircut, the modern mullet is a versatile template to work from. Miley’s take is bright blonde with dark roots, and has the back coming down just below the ears with rough, uneven bangs.

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Georgia Bell, founder of Twisted Scissors Salon, comments: “While a mullet for many can be such a visual cut, I feel that following a cutting structure and then going in to shatter and disconnect heavy lines using a razor, creates movement and texture which is really important to this look.”

How can the mullet be taken further in 2020?

This isn’t the first time the mullet has seen a resurgence, so what’s being done to bring the look into the new decade? “For me, clean sectioning is key to ensure every area flows on from the next. I also believe a good product to use as a cutting agent will really help your razor to glide,” Georgia explains.” I use the Moisture Mist by KeraStraight instead of a spray bottle.”

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