The Best Mullet We’ve Seen on An Actor Yet

by charlottegw / last updated October 29, 2019

stranger things Finn mullet

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard has cut his hair into a Patti Smith-inspired mullet that has garnered praise after he posted it to his 18 million fans on Instagram.

The actors hair appears to have been chopped into a mid-length feathered mullet style complete with a choppy fringe and wispy ends.

But the question is – is his new hair real or a wig? It’s a bold departure from his Stranger Things character Mike Wheeler’s angelic curly mop and closely resembles 1970s singer Patti Smith’s iconic hairstyle.

Finn isn’t the only Stranger Things cast member to have changed his look recently, Joe Keery aka Steve ‘The Hair’ Harrington recently got a new look. However it’s fair to say that Finn’s look has been more warmly received than Joe’s bowl cut.

The expert opinion

Here’s what award-wining men’s hairdresser Ross Charles has to say about the look: “Forget what you know about the classic mullet and get ready for the 2019/20 take on this classic 1980’s style. The principles of this look remain the same however the texture of the hair is much smoother and the layers are more defined than the first time round for this look.”

The key to this style is striking the correct balance when cutting the layers into the hair. Ross continues: “Carefully consider the way the hair will fall when cutting each section and visualise the finished look throughout the entire process. Whilst this style exudes that ‘undone’ and relaxed feel, it is a somewhat intricate cut and patience is required to make it look as good as possible.”

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