Billie Eilish’s New Mullet Was an ‘Accident’ Apparently…

by lydiah / last updated November 8, 2019

Billie Eilish mullet

Singer Billie Eilish has recently updated her hairstyle with a mullet cut, but apparently the layered look is actually the result of hair breakage rather than intentional.

The 17 year old appeared at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles showing off her new hair-do. However, the singer has revealed that her new cut is down to a hair dye error which made her hair so damaged it caused her hair to break.

Despite it being an ‘accident’ Billie has proven she can rock any look (even the notoriously tricky mullet). She has dyed her hair from silver to green and white to blue, all in the past year. However it’s important to communicate to clients the damage that consistent lightening and colouring can have on hair health.

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Client Communication

The effects of bleach and dye can be different for each client, but you should always warn your customers that an extended amount of colour dye on their hair can cause damage, such as dryness and thinning.

Joe Hill, from Aveda PRO TEAM colour lead says: “With most vibrant pigments it’s likely that your guest is going to go on a journey, so it’s important in your consultation to give your guest realistic expectations. For example, if your guests wants to be a bold cobalt blue, I’d talk fade expectation, longevity and what colour the hair might fade to.”

Hair Health

When it comes to hair health it’s all in the preparation.”Sometimes prep before your colour service is just as important as the creation itself,” explains Joe. “It’s vital before any vivid colour that you assess the porosity and overall condition on the canvas you’re working on.”

Every good colourist understands that the higher the porosity level the lower expectation of longevity that you’re going to achieve from that vibrant pigment. He continues: “If the hair condition is poor, it’s easy to resolve by applying pre-treatments prior to the colour service; they act as your hair colour insurance, filling in all the gaps (in the hair) ensuring the porosity is even from room to tip.”

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