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Iconic Hollywood Men's Hairstyles

by sophieh / February 22, 2009

Phil-Reader-Jason-Shankey.jpgIt’s not just female celebrities who set the hair trends agenda. In fact, Hollywood has been responsible for creating numerous barbershop staples down the years.

So, as Hollywood celebrates its finest performers of the last 12 months at the Oscars, we asked Phil Reader, head stylist at Jason Shankey’s Fulham Salon to recap the iconic Hollywood men’s hairstyles.

This is his celebration of the big screen hairstyles that have got men rushing into the salon/barbers. Click on an image to see get the full size image.

Brad Pitt – Fight Club

This has become an absolute classic. Possibly the single most requested hairstyle of all time. A seriously low maintenance style, this is sometimes referred to as the bed head.

How to: Use a dry, matt finish styling product and work it through dry hair to achieve a broken, deconstructed finish. Literally mess up the hair.

Steve McQueen – Bullitt

Coming out of the late 60’s, this was, at the time, a modern twist on the classic side parting. By using a loose break in the hair instead of the perfect straight line for the part, Steve re-invented the shape, making it more casual and up to date.

How to: Push the hair into shape with the fingers, using a light hold, natural shine styling cream. American Crew’s light hold texture lotion works very well.

George Clooney – From Dusk Till Dawn

The classic French crop or Nero, first seen on George in ER is a staple of any modern barbershop. He revived the look for his role in Dusk to Dawn with great effect giving it a more broken edgy finish.

How to: A lo-shine, pliable hold product works well for these looks. Work through towel dried hair and, using your fingers drag all the hair forward into a fringe making sure the surface is not too smooth. Try Redken’s rough paste.

Keanu Reeves – Speed

A very short crop works well for Keanu because he has such a strong front hairline, very dark hair and a round, even-shaped head. His role in Speed moved the look away from the football terraces and made it an instant commercial success, making it acceptable for all. Its sharp silhouette and clean lines makes it a good choice for those with uncontrollable hair that want a neater finish.

How to: Use a high shine styling product to dress it up for parties. American Crew pomade will get the look.

Clark Gable – Gone With the Wind

Clark Gable epitomised the dapper gent. He has been a movie icon for decades and no-one has come close to wearing the classic side parting with as much style as he did. He wore it with a very high level of shine to add a touch of that Hollywood glamour.

How to: You could get the look by using pomade, worked through wet hair and combed into place to give a very smooth, groomed finish.

Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible 2

Since Tom revisited his role as Ethan in 2000, this has been a hugely requested style in salons around the world. It is a great way for guys to wear their hair long while retaining a very masculine feel.

How to: This look is achieved by removing the weight or bulk from the hair but keeping lots of length, especially at the front hairline, maintaining a lean, deconstructed silhouette. The hair is left to fall naturally so no need to overload with product. A small amount of leave-in conditioner will allow the hair to fall without being weighed down.

James Dean – Rebel Without a Cause

Truly a silver screen icon, James Dean brought classic Americana styling to an international audience and put the textured pompadour on the hairdressing map. He spawned a whole generation of imitators and still inspires a multitude of trends in modern barbering. A timeless classic.

How to: Get the lo
ok by keeping length at the front, with the hair getting shorter towards the crown and short and neat round the back and sides. Slick hair back into a textured quiff, maintaining height through the front. Use a high shine, high hold product to lock the style in all day.

Dolph Lundgren – Rocky 4

I know what you are thinking but bear with me on this one. The flat top was an eighties classic with Dolph doing more than most to promote the style. Every barber shop around the UK has at least one client who still sports the flat top and with the rise of 80’s chic I have noticed that it is enjoying a bit of a renaissance right now.

How to: A tricky cut to get right, a steady hand is a must. Flat top combs with a spirit level in them can help. Change the look by varying product choice. Gels gives a spikey finish or for a softer finish try using some light styling creams like Redken’s Get Groomed.

Michael Douglas – Wall Street


“Greed is good”…I think he means “gel is good”. This style has had so many imitators that it is almost a staple in the financial industries. It is a longer length shape, slicked straight back with lots of wet look gel.

How to: The hair is brushed/combed round the ears rather than cut to maintain length in the sides and the appearance of a slicked back bob, sitting just below the collar at the back. Gel worked through wet hair will give plenty of separation on the surface to avoid the ‘painted on’ look. Add a pin stripe suit and you are good to go!

Daniel Craig – Casino Royale

We simply had to have a Bond in the list! He is a style icon to all men and Daniel brings the Bond look up to date by wearing a very short side parting with lots of choppy texture.

How to: Go for a good old fashioned short back and sides but cut the top short with a razor to add natural looking movement to the hair. Bring out the texture with a matt finish product.

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