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2019’s Project X Team Spends The Day with Robert Masciave

by hjiadmin / last updated May 24, 2019

Robert Masciave 2019 Project X Team

Avant-garde hairdresser Robert Masciave recently spent the day showcasing his techniques to the 2019 Project X team.

Project X is the Fellowship’s ongoing education scheme for hairdressers of any age, providing opportunities for education, exposure and incredible mentoring. Courses are backed and taught by professionals such as Mark Hayes, Harriet Edgley, Debbie G, Colin Greaney and Caroline Cox.

Robert who is the reigning Southern Hairdresser of the Year and winner of the Fellowship’s Image of the Year, was the latest mentor to help the team out. Robert is known for his signature haircuts, extravagant avant-garde hairstyles, and a rarefied salon concept. He has been a hairdresser who influences the international beauty scene.

The day began with insights into Robert’s career and how he builds his collections from a starting point into a fully formed series of images. In his salon in west London, Robert showcased both his editorial and avant-garde imagery, discussing techniques for a fully immersive view of his creative world.

The day continued with training opportunities for the team to get hands on and learn more about creating innovative hairstyles with Robert’s guidance. The team was fully inspired by Robert’s work of art and walked away with newly developed techniques for creating avant-garde looks.

“I’m going to look at avant-garde hair in a new light after today,” says Zara Clelland from Marc Antoni. “Seeing how Robert looks at things and how he is then able to break them down and turn them into creative looks is truly amazing.”

Clare Hatherill from The Chapel agrees, adding: “I’m going to make time after today to experiment and create looks using different materials. Robert taught me that there is no right or wrong when it comes to being creative; you can learn and get inspiration from just about everything.”

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