This UK City Has The Most Highly-Rated Hair Salons

by chloe / last updated June 13, 2022

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Experts at Capital Hair and Beauty looked at where in the UK there are the most salons with average review ratings of 4 stars (or more), and how this compares to the local population.

The UK city with the most highly-rated hair salons

Norwich has been crowned the UK capital of highly-rated hair salons, according to new research.

The study, from the UK’s largest independent supplier to hair and beauty professionals, Capital Hair and Beauty, looked at the number of hair establishments with average Google reviews of four stars or more in 30+ major UK towns and cities (outside of London). Local population data was then used to reveal ‘hotspots’ based on how many people have to share each of these top-rated salons.

Looking at hair salons specifically, there are just 663 people per top-rated hairdressers or barbers in Norwich. Dundee (825 people per top-rated hair salon), Peterborough (1,111:1), Stoke-on-Trent (1,129:1), and Hull (1,192:1) were also named in the top five.

Rank Town or City Number of Hair Salons with 4-Star+ Reviews People per 4-Star+ Rated Hair Salons
1 Norwich 212 663
2 Dundee 181 825
3 Peterborough 182 1111
4 Stoke-on-Trent 227 1129
5 Hull (Kingston Upon) 218 1192
6 Newport 128 1208
7 Southampton 203 1244
8 Aberdeen 183 1250
9 Oxford 121 1260
10 Derby 200 1287

Of course, not all professionals working within the industry operate from a salon as a contracted employee, with many opting to go freelance or mobile instead. In the mobile hairdresser category, Glasgow came out on top, with 48 professionals having four-star+ reviews on Google.

How to increase your number of positive reviews

Capital Hair and Beauty polled 2,000 people and overall, it seems that value for money is the most important aspect, with 62% of UK consumers stating this would make them most likely to leave a positive review.

Providing a positive overall experience (56%), being happy with the results of the treatment or service (57%), and the professional in charge of the appointment having a warming personality (41%), were also high on the list of positive-review-worthy qualities for Brits.

Despite the immeasurable value of a good review to local businesses, just a third of Brits (30%) say they will ‘always leave a positive review’ if they believe they had a good overall experience. Forgetfulness can also sometimes play a role, with a fifth (21%) admitting they ‘sometimes leave a positive review of treatments or services if I remember to do so’.

Leaving an appointment dissatisfied with the service is most likely to lead to a negative review (57%), similarly, if the overall experience is not as expected (44%). Just 6% said they are likely to leave negative feedback online ‘every time’ they’re left unhappy or dissatisfied by their experience.

Samantha Shamplina-Burkwood, Marketing Manager at Capital Hair and Beauty commented on the findings: “It’s encouraging to see the positive reviews being left for hair, beauty, and nail technicians across the country. It goes without saying that good feedback, especially in the public domain, is invaluable to those working within in the industry.

“As well as helping to draw in new clients, they aid in building up the excellent reputation of a business, whether you’re working as part of a bigger salon, or going it alone as a freelancer, each positive review should be celebrated and encouraged.

Do salon reviews really matter? Find out here…hint: they might have more of an influence than we thought!

Read the full findings here.

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