Do Salon Reviews Really Matter?

by hjiadmin / last updated January 28, 2022

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Just how influential are salon reviews in influencing our client’s buying behaviour? Very influential as it turns out!

According to research 90%* of customers read reviews before they choose to buy a product or book a service and a staggering 94%* actively avoid a product or business rating that is lower than 4 stars.

How Good Salon Reviews Work in Practice

Nick Maple is co-owner of Meraki Salon in Stony Stratford, his salon opened shortly before the pandemic but he and his partner Chenelle Farmer have created a thriving business regardless with 4.9 on both Google and FB. Nick says “We are so proud of our reviews because we feel it truly reflects the care and commitment we have to our customers and service. To achieve great reviews you have to be confident in your skills and actively focus on giving each customer the very best you can offer every single day…no exceptions.” Nick admits that gathering reviews can be tricky but making a habit to raise it at a point in the service that you are comfortable with is the key.

At the root of every potential transaction is the question of trust. Will I get good value? Will this company deliver on their promise? Will I be treated fairly? TrustPilot is the go-to site to visit and hosts 120+ million reviews. Brian Bannister of Coolblades relies on the support of his ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating to attract and reassure hair and beauty professionals seeking a salon supplier that understands their business. Brian says: “Our online business has grown significantly and our 4.9 rating is a result of our diligence in choice, price, delivery and a personalised approach to service. My wife Julie is also a partner in the business and as an ex-hairdresser, she is really in tune with our customers. She is always on-hand with advice and our customers appreciate that. We are family owned and run and while the industry and our business has changed a lot in the last 15 years since we opened, what hasn’t changed is that people want to get a great deal and a pleasant experience.”

According to research* customers actively avoid businesses with review ratings below 4 and a 4.9 shares the same glory as a perfect 5. Jarred’s Barbers in Lydney has hit the 4.9 sweet spot with his Google reviews and nailed 5 on Facebook. Jarred says: “Reviews have always been an invaluable tool in growing my business. When I started out they served as a seal of approval for clients to have the confidence to try something new and now they are equally as important for my established brand to solidify its reputation. Reviews are still the best way for potential clients to get a truly unbiased and honest insight, which why we never force people to leave them. If a client feels they have had a good experience with us and they organically decide to leave a review, then we are doing our jobs properly and the business will continue to thrive!”

Businesses worthy of positive reviews never forget that it’s the customer that matters first and last and those then star ratings get gathered along the way. And, bonus, getting online reviews helps boost your Google ranking and helps customers find you.


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