OSMO Appoints Debbie O’Keefe Crinnion as Lead Educator for Ireland

by kieran / last updated January 15, 2021

Debbie OSMO

Colour House OSMO has appointed award-winning educator and owner of Montana Blu Salon and Montana Blu Hairdressing Academy, Debbie O’Keefe Crinnion, as its new lead educator for Ireland.

Debbie claims a “desire to be creative” and a “love of the theatre” were crucial to why she was first interested in hairdressing. Her love for the OSMO brand can also be traced back an impressive 17 years, and she has used it consistently in her salon ever since.

Debbie follows in the steps of her grandfather, who became a barber at 14 (the same age as Debbie when she started in the industry) and then went on to start his own business at 19. Debbie’s passion to help others led her to opening the Montana Blu Hair Academy in 2017, which has been recognised as one of Ireland’s premier hair colleges. 

“OSMO listens to stylists and creates products with them in mind. I have genuinely never achieved colour with such vibrancy and durability as I have with OSMO colour”, Debbie comments.

Debbie feels equally passionate about education: “I love seeing students grow, taking a piece of information that can be over complicated and explaining it in simple terms. It’s only through education that your mind can broaden, and things make sense. You can’t teach a child to read without them learning the alphabet,.”

“It’s a career highlight in becoming the first Irish OSMO educator because I didn’t ever see myself as anything other than Debbie! It’s wonderful that OSMO saw something more in me and believed in my talents and skills,” concludes Debbie.

“We’re delighted to welcome Debbie into the OSMO family and look forward to exciting things to come in 2021 and beyond” OSMO brand manager, Sinéad Mclaughlin.

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