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How to Colour Correct a Black Box Dye Step by Step

by charlottegw / last updated November 13, 2020

black box dye colour correct

It’s every hairdresser’s worse nightmare – a client comes in with black box dye ‘do that needs an urgent colour correct.

Thankfully OSMO IKON ambassador Becky Sutherland from Lush Hair Salon in Durham has produced the following step-by-step to help solve this particular hair horror show. Scroll to the bottom to see the finished look!

Step One
To begin, use two scoops of OSMO IKON Blonde Elevation Premium Violet Lightening Powder, four scoops of 20 Vol OSMO IKON Cream Developer, then add ten drops of OSMO IKON Blonde Elevation Green Colour Additive to the bleach mixture and apply with foils to remove as much black as possible. Leave to develop for 45 minutes and then rinse off.

Step Two
Cleanse the hair through to the ends using two scoops of OSMO IKON Blonde Elevation Premium Violet Lightening Powder and four scoops of 10 Vol OSMO IKON Cream Developer. Add six drops of Blonde Elevation Blue Colour Additive, which will remove any remaining underlying warmth. Leave to develop for 20 mins and then rinse.

Step Three
Then using 40 grams of OSMO IKON 7.44 Medium Intense Copper Blonde, 30 grams of 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde and 70 grams of 5 Vol Cream Developer, apply colour to the roots blending this through to the darker ends. Leave to process and then rinse.

Step Four
Blend the root formula down into a blend of 12.62 Pink Scandinavian Blonde with 2 drops of Blonde Elevation Red Colour Additive with 40 Vol Cream Developer at the ends.

Step Five
Lastly, rinse using OSMO Colour Save Shampoo and OSMO Intensive Repair Deep Repair Mask for extra nourishment. Follow with OSMO Extreme Volume Root Lifter at the roots whilst still wet, blow dry and then finish with a tong curl at the bottom and pin into place. Once cooled, apply OSMO Blinding Shine Serum to smooth any flyaways.

And now for the amazing finished look …

black box dye colour correction

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