Welcome to HJ’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week: The Official Schedule

by kieran / last updated October 26, 2021

HJ Breast Cancer Awareness month

HJ’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week, sponsored by ghd is taking place between Monday 26 October to Sunday 31 October in conjunction with October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and is dedicated to anyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer – whether that’s yourself or your clients, family or friends. 

Throughout the week, we aim to deliver tailored content that will help anyone who may need it going through the process, with a specific attention on the realities of hair loss during the process – why it happens, when it can be expected and how best to deal with it.

We will also touch on ways you can help those who may be struggling, such as the best ways to communicate with clients going through this challenge and the best ways to donate hair for wigs.

On top of this, you can expect some uplifting content of hairdressers’ stories too – it may just be the thing to make you smile on a particularly challenging day.

From all of Team HJ, we hope this content can help anyone going through this challenge in any small way and we wish for all the best in the future. Remember – you are not alone.

Below, we present the full schedule for HJ’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week:

Monday 25 October

How to Help Your Clients Dealing with Medical Hair Loss

Tuesday 26 October

Scalp Care: Why It’s Important and How to Create a Routine

Meet the ghd Take Control Now Collection – Raising Money for Breast Cancer Charities

Wednesday 27 October

Are you a Hairdresser and Unofficial Therapist? Discover How to Tackle Clients’ Personal Problems

Thursday 28 October

How to Answer All of Your Clients’ Questions About Donating Their Hair

Friday 29 October

Cancer Treatment and Hair Loss Explained

Saturday 30 October

How Hairdressers Can Provide Compassionate Care For Clients Receiving Cancer Treatment

Sunday 31 October

Hairdressers’ Share Their Most Uplifting Hair Stories


Breast Cancer Awareness Month is brought to you by ghd. Connect with ghd on social media – Facebook @ghdprofessional & Instagram @ghdhairpro and YouTube @ghd.

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