The Best Bridgerton Hair Looks in All of the Ton

by eleanor / last updated January 6, 2021

best Bridgerton hair

Netflix’s Bridgerton is a feast for the eyes. There’s ballgowns, debutantes and scandals aplenty. And don’t even get us started on the hair.

Below, we’ve enlisted the help of Rachael Gibson, The Hair Historian, to talk us through the best Bridgerton hair and wigs and what they reveal about the characters. You are cordially invited to read on below…

The Best Bridgerton Hair Looks


Daphne Bridgerton

“Our leading lady’s elegant topknots are entirely on trend for the 1810s, when a high chignon formed the basis of most looks,” says Rachael.

“These were then dressed with ringlets, braids, pearls, ribbons, and flowers – and often worn with wisps of hair at the front, as we see on Daphne throughout the series,” she adds.

“As a young woman being sent out on the marriage circuit, it would have been essential for Daphne to appear feminine, well-groomed and ‘appropriate’ for every setting and carefully-chosen hairstyles were an important part of that.”

The Featheringtons

Much to the despise of the Featherington daughters, they are often seen in the bright family colours, with extravagant hair to match.

“I’m completely obsessed with the OTT style of the Featheringtons and their hair. The 1810s was a time of rapidly-changing hair trends and they pack as many as they can into every look, which tell us a lot about their personalities and the kind of women they are portrayed as; bold, fun and willing to take risks,” says Rachael.

“The ringlets, fresh flowers, bows and combs complement the family’s extravagant dresses for a more-is-more approach to style,” she adds. “In terms of history, the top knot as a basis for all styles at the era is accurate; even if any hair was won down, it was paired with a knot of some sort.”

Marina Thompson

“Marina’s comparatively understated style – certainly compared to her housemates, the Featheringtons – tells us immediately that she’s a different kind of beauty,” explains Rachael.

“Natural, romantic and free from OTT accessories, ribbons and jewels, her natural curls are simply dressed and worn – as standard for the era – in an updo. Curls were incredibly popular in this era, and a cloud of soft ringlets would have been about as elegant as it got; even better if they were natural.”

The Queen

The Queen has some of the best Bridgerton hair moments and they denote her regal standing. “The hairstyles worn by the Queen are completely spectacular and make it immediately obvious that she demands attention, takes up space and has the time, money and means to wear elaborate hairstyles,” says Rachael.

“Throughout history, extravagant hairstyles have served as a shorthand to the world that you are rich and powerful; after all, a giant bouffant isn’t really suitable for a practical job. The Queen’s most elaborate hairstyles reflect the previous century’s trends, which makes sense as she would have been young in the 18th century; a time of REALLY big hair,” she adds.

Lady Danbury

“Hair up was expected for women in the early 19th century and a variation on a modern topknot was very much the fashion, so Lady Danbury’s elegant styles are very accurate – particularly for such a smart, established woman who knows high society inside out,” explains Rachael.

“Throughout the 1810s, topknot styles became more elaborate – providing a perfect base for extravagant jewels of the sort we see in Lady Danbury’s wardrobe.”

The Bridgerton Boys


If there were ever such thing as a power sideburn, the Bridgerton brothers knew about it. “The Bridgerton brothers’ hairstyles are very typical of Regency era men’s looks, when hair was typically worn a little longer and more natural, having dispensed with the wigs and powdered styles of the previous century after the hair powder tax of 1795 saw men ditch elaborately coiffed styles,” says Rachael.

“Curls and waves were popular – even fake ones for those who didn’t have them naturally – and side whiskers were also very popular by the 1810; a style which Lord Anthony wears very well,” she adds.

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