The Crown: Breaking Down Each Character’s Iconic Hairstyle

by kieran / last updated December 7, 2020

The Crown hair looks

With the release of its captivating and controversial fourth season on Netflix, The Crown has the inner workings of the Royal Family back on everyone’s mind, and it’s also got us thinking about the iconic regal hair that has defined decades. 

Detailing both the secret and very public dramas surrounding the Royals since 2016, The Crown has had the unenviable job of recreating the hair and looks of one of the most well-known families that has ever existed. 

We rounded up some of the industry’s biggest names for their takes on these famous styles, asking why they’ve made the impact they have, how these looks have been repurposed for The Crown, and how you can recreate the look in-salon or at-home.

Princess Margaret

Corey Taylor, NOCO Hair, Bristol

“Princess Margaret was such a style icon because she always tested the boundaries and made a statement. She was daring and playful yet classy and elegant, as you would expect from a royal. She had a love for magnificent hats, headdresses and head scarves so if you want to add a touch of royal glam, incorporate a scarf into a braid or tie it round your ponytail.

Suzie McGill, Rainbow Room International, Uddington

“The key to recreating the style is ensuring you have lots of volume at the top of the head. In the series, Princess Margaret regularly wore her hair with a side parting and also pushed fully back off the face. Rollers are a great way to add height to the top of the hair or, alternatively, using a blow-dry brush and blow-drying the hair in the desired direction whilst also providing bounce and body to the hair.”

“For the length of the hair, continue with a bouncy blow-dry and finish by going over the ends with heated styling irons or curling tongs to further enhance the curls and flick out the ends. Margaret’s hair always looks incredibly soft and effortlessly beautiful within the film when worn down, so the key is to finish with a lighter hair styling product such as a serum or shine spray to keep the hair looking natural and to add a subtle shine.” 


Princess Diana

Lulu Richards, The Lounge, Soho, London

“Being the first royal to embrace current trends made Princess Diana the style icon she was, and Emma Corrin’s Diana is reminding us all what an elegant, unique style she had. Bringing the Diana cut into the present day, I would keep the sweeping fringe as the statement but to make it tighter on the sides creating a narrower shape. Making it slightly more mullet than bowl cut.”

Philip Bell, Ishoka Hair and Beauty, Aberdeen

“Diana’s classic pageboy crop has always been a favourite of mine and was recreated beautifully within the latest series of The Crown. It inspired a new generation of styles for women, showing that shorter looks can be created beautifully on ladies of all ages and that, with some added colour techniques such as highlights, it can really redefine the style. Although on The Crown, Diana’s most loved styles were created using wigs, these styles became hugely popular and have evolved over the years. To create this look, definition, shine and volume are key in working together to achieve the result.”


Prince Phillip

Joe Mills, Joe and Co, London

“Prince Philip’s hair has barely changed over the years – his style is the ultimate in classic. While we’re seeing more texture and longer layers coming through the salon, the groomed, structured and smart hairstyle will always be called for by those in more corporate jobs. A good styling cream combed through the hair will make sure it stays put all day long. I wouldn’t say Prince Philip is a style icon, but he has certainly been a stylish stalwart throughout the years.”

Dylan Brittain, Rainbow Room International’s, George Square Salon

“Philip always wore his hair slicked back and looking super shiny, and this would have been achieved with the use of styling products such as a gel, wax or serum. We still see men experimenting with this look today, wearing their hair in quiffs and side partings and slicking the hair back off the face. I think this is a very timeless style that will be popular for years to come but that can be modernised and adapted slightly year on year.”


Camilla Parker Bowles

Marcello Moccia, Room 97 Creative, Wakefield

“Camilla was never known as a style icon; unlike Diana, she didn’t get the headlines for her hair or the clothes she wore. She was a typical country girl- tweed jackets, riding trousers and cashmere jumpers. The Crown depicts her as a good-time girl, but also someone who is steady and dependable. When it comes to her hair, she’s rocking the shoulder-length bob full of texture and movement, which is something we are seeing today as clients want something that is wearable and reliable. The haircut is more important than ever – a good cut will ensure layers swing into place and the sweeping fringe adds an air of mystery.”


Margaret Thatcher

Brian ‘Leo’ McCallum, ROAR Hair and Beauty, Scotland

“I have never loved Maggie Thatcher’s hair- a flat base seven colour with little dimension. However, when I see Gillian Anderson play this role in The Crown, I can’t help but appreciate the shape of it. It’s really well set and dressed, and it’s a welcome change from balayage and waves that we see so much of today. I love looking back at classic styles to see how they epitomise classic glamour.”


Princess Anne

David Corbett, David Corbett Hairdressing, Bothwell, Glasgow

“The Royal Family have never been one to push the fashion boundaries and, since being a young woman, Princess Anne continues to be reliable, professional and polished..She was classed as the ugly duckling, but she is actually quite elegant in her demeanour and style. Sweeping your hair away from the face can be quite severe, but she’s the doyenne of under-rated and familiar style. This is the perfect time to be playing with updos, adding a bit of jewel embellishment for the festive season.”

Kevin Paul Finnell, F&M Hairdressing, Barrhead

“Looking at the earlier seasons of The Crown, Princess Anne’s beautiful bob is a style I absolutely love and one that is as popular now as it was back then. Although in real life Anne had a head full of curls, I love that they added a more modern twist in the series by cutting it into a more gradient bob, as this is a huge trend with those who want to experiment with their own lengths.”


Jackie Kennedy

James Alfie Parr, Celebrity Session Stylist

“Big bouncy blow dries have always been a big hit, and Jackie Kennedy’s huge, sky-high blow dry showcased on The Crown is a hairstyle that has survived centuries. Her signature bouffant is perfectly style- big and full yet still soft to touch and swing with the head. A sensible yet chic look and primed for the fashion-conscious, this look is always one sought after in salons. Everyone loves a big bouncy blowdry!”


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