ghd beau waves

Step by step: How to Create Festive Beau Waves

by eleanor / last updated November 18, 2020

Party season is fast approaching and these beau waves from ghd’s Luke Benson are sure to offer some styling inspiration for you to recreate festive looks the salon this Christmas.

Perfect for clients’ Zoom Christmas parties, Luke Benson breaks down how you can create the look.

How to Create Beau Waves

1 Spritz hair with ghd curl hold spray to prep the hair

2 Divide the hair into three sections, back and two sides, with clips

3 Starting at the nape, take a two-inch square section of hair and twist wrap around ghd creative curl wand

ghd beau waves

4 Hold for five to eight seconds to help the curl set

ghd beau waves

5 Cup in your hands to cool and continue until all the hair is curled this way, always curling in the same direction

ghd beau waves

6 Dress using ghd detangling comb to soften the texture for loose waves

ghd beau waves

7 Secure in a low pony with elastic, leaving some hair around the hairline out to frame the face

ghd beau waves

8 Cinch and pull around the elastic to soften the texture

ghd beau waves

9 To finish, adorn with an oversized bow and set with ghd final fix hairspray

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