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Extra Long Hair, Don’t Care – The Rise of Extra Long Hair Extensions

by akesha / last updated July 10, 2019

Recently, the trend for extra long hair extensions has jumped off of the pages of fashion magazines on to celebrities and now is being requested by everyday clients. But while most trends can be translates to ‘real life’ mode, will this style ever catch on? We spoke to the pros for tips and advice you can easily pass on to your clients…

Does extra long hair suit every face shape?

It’s debatable. The trend enhances youthfulness but not on everyone. For instance, if you have a long face it can make it look longer and thinner, which can be ageing. “If you have quite a long face but love long hair I would recommend having a fringe cut in to soften and add some shape round the face,” advises Malcolm Murphy, a Great Lengths certified stylist.

What’s the maintenance of extra long hair like?

There’s no shying away from this, the upkeep is pretty brutal. “Having extra long hair extensions can be a lot more time consuming to wash and style. It’s high maintenance hair so clients must be committed to taking the time to properly maintain and style the hair. If you are wash-and-go then this isn’t the look for you,” warns Malcolm.

How much does it cost?

Like with any bespoke services prices do vary but along with the cost of installation the price of the hair itself can increase dramatically when increasing length. “I’d always advise my clients to buy the best quality hair as you want it to be as manageable as possible and not tangle or shred,” says Abigail Butler, founder of Strictly Xtended salon. “Lengths past 20” starts to work its way into the £100s you would need to make sure the hair looks thick as the longer you go the weight is distribute in length rather than width so you would have to purchase a few packs or bundles to achieve this look when you are installing a weave.”

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