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Classic Hairstyles and their Modern Day Updates

by akesha / last updated May 23, 2019

Some styles really do live on forever. They make an impact in a big way when they hit the mainstream and are recreated in their own way through the decades, constantly and feverishly referenced in moodboards and pop culture. These are the classic hairstyles that will always be culturally relevant.

Audrey Hepburn’s Mini Fringe

Audrey keep her bangs perpetually short in the 1950s (picture above), only choosing to grow them out and to the side the other side of the 1960s. This style was the perfect match for Audrey’s small, elfin facial features.

Today’s equivalent – Emma Watson

The Rachel

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What is Rachel Green without her iconic hair? The original ‘Rachel’ haircut debuted in 1995 with choppy face-framing layers and eventually grew into a ton of different iterations. This slightly grown out, voluminous blow-dry is our favourite and incredibly 1990s.

Today’s Equivalent – Bella Hadid

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Josephine Baker’s Eton Crop

The most famous images of French entertainer Josephine Baker feature her slicked down Eton Crop and kiss curls.  It was a look that many women of the 1920s embraced no matter their hair type or texture.

Today’s Equivalent – Zoë Kravitz

Cher Hair

If ‘long hair, don’t care’ was a movement then Cher would without doubt be the leader. She rocked her long black locks as her signature for years – bohemian and careful – the epitome of 1970s chic.

Today’s Equivalent

Veronica Lake’s Hollywood Waves

A true femme fatale classic look, these soft waves were the height of glamour from the 1940s until now. The look is often still sported on the red carpet by stars opting for a universally classic look.

Today’s Equivalent

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Lead image via Rex

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