This is How to Use the Ghd Oracle

by akesha / last updated May 14, 2019

The biggest hot tool innovation of the year so far has launched in the UK and hairstylists could not be more excited. The ghd oracle is a new tool that promises smooth curls and waves with the simple twist of the hand. But how do you create show-stopping looks with this tool, here Rush Hair’s Adam Bryant shows the best way to create enviable waves in this ghd oracle how-to.

ghd oracle How-To – Mermaid Waves

ghd oracle is a ground-breaking curling tool that you can educate clients on how to use at-home.

It is perfect for those who struggle to curl their hair at home as it is designed to achieve styles quickly and easily.

It uses patented curl-zone technology, a unique shape and a cooling setting to create a variety of curls for all hair types in just one stroke.

No matter which section clients are styling, the hair will always pass through the same U shape for the perfect curl.

Tilting the tool at slightly different angles will create a variety of different looks.

Guide the clients on sectioning rotation and simple angles with the ghd oracle – try together while in the salon to give them the confidence to self-style at home. Once the basics are covered, tilting the tool at slightly different angles and changing the speed gives the chance to tailor the final curl to the clients personal preference.

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