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The 2020 F.A.M.E. Team Finalists Have Been Announced

by hjiadmin / last updated September 4, 2019

The 13 semi-finalists went through a day-long audition process in order to get a place on the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s F.A.M.E. Team. The artists were challenged to prepare two models, as well as undertaking an interview and group presentation.

The audition, which was held at the Wella World Studio in London was formed of a mix of tasks. Semi-finalists had to create one model look, before being divided into groups to work together on a presentation. Each group had to come up with a theme, choreography and presentation in 90 minutes. They also had to complete a second model look which fitted with their own aesthetic, as well as the team. The presentation was shown in front of an audience of friends, family, Fellowship members and the panel of judges.

Insight into the semi-finalists presentations

The first team’s collection, Hard Romance, combined soft elements with harder edges. Esther Wood from Ken Picton Salon presented models inspired by Stranger Things with neon threading and braided looks. While Alessandro Gennusa, from TONI&GUY Westfield, created short sharp shapes in pastel shades. Brooke Evans from BE Ironbridge presented a mullet shape and soft, pastel pink curls (shown as a lead image). Finally, Rory Mason from Ashley Gamble created gothic princesses, with a canary-yellow cropped shape and a textured crown updo.

The second team collection Triptych was dramatic, full of contact and gothic influence. Lloyd Court from Skyler London used the children’s toy, Bunchems, to create dramatic new texture. Mary Geoghegan from KH Hair showed a sleek-to-curly Afro ponytail and a black and white dual-colour look. Finally, Alexander Hardy from The Vault Hair and Spa focused on slick textures and edgy cuts.

2020 fame team finalistsTexture through the ages was the theme of the third group presentation. It started with two men’s looks from Elliot Forbes – a mod mullet and trailer-trash cut. Brandon Messinger from The Hair Movement was inspired by a clash of 80s subcultures – goth meets punk, brought to life with editorial braiding and hair piercings. Finally, CC McNamee from Andrew Smith Salons presented 1990s crimping and a dressed-out structured bob.

Finally, the fourth group created neon-infused looks combining wig-wrap techniques and braids. Jose Domene from Hare and Bone presented rope-bound and tasselled looks. While, Evie Skaros from Ena Salon created neon braids and dressed-out curls.

Who are the finalists?

  • Alessandro Gennusa, TONI&GUY Westfield
  • Alexander Hardy, The Vault Hair and Spa
  • Brooke Evans, BE Ironbridge
  • Brandon Messinger, The Hair Movement
  • Casey Coleman, Chair Salons
  • Jose Domene, Hare and Bone
  • Lloyd Court, Skyler London
  • Rory Mason, Ashley Gamble

They will now go on to compete live on stage at Salon International.

Buy your tickets to Salon International here.

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