Takara Belmont Launches TWO New Styling Chairs

by charlottegw / last updated July 27, 2021

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Takara Belmont is synonymous with luxury and their two new styling chairs certainly live up to that reputation. Classic but contemporary, the chairs will elevate any salon interior to the next level of design – plus they are built to last and offer unbeatable comfort for clients. It’s no wonder that the brand celebrated their 100th anniversary this year, proof that style really does stand the test of time.

Here are their two latest launches that will surely inspire you to upgrade your current styling chairs.

Meet the Coff Styling Chair

takara belmont styling chair coff

Every hairdressing service should be warm and inviting for the client and ergonomically perfected for the stylist. Both of these essential attributes are perfectly embodied in the new Coff Styling Chair from Takara Belmont.

With a slimmer backrest that lends itself perfectly to cutting longer hair, 360˚ lockable rotation delivered via three base options and removable seat cushions making it easy to clean, the Coff is fashioned around the needs and demands of every stylist. For the client, the Coff has a deep cushioned seat and padded armrests to ensure supreme comfort and luxury during every salon visit.

With performance reliability and durability assured, the Coff delivers consistently high standards of service whilst capturing the essence of modern hairdressing that can be configured to complement any interior design from a wide range of upholstery colours.

Prices: £1200 – £1380+VAT


Meet the new Morb Styling Chair

takara belmont morb new styling chair

Every salon knows that comfort is a vital constituent in the client experience. They also appreciate that the reliability and performance of hairdressing chairs is critical to deliver consistently high standards, and to ensure that no service downtime is incurred as a result of equipment issues. The Morb Styling Chair fulfils all of these demands.

With enduring performance, classic style, supreme comfort and first-class functionality defining every equipment piece by Takara Belmont, the new Morb hairdressing chair is set to impress on every level. The Morb’s rounded backrest and cushioned armrests invites your client to experience sofa-style luxury as they enjoy their hairdressing service.

Perfect for the task in hand too, the Morb gives stylists all-round access for cutting hair to elevate every hairdressing experience in supreme style. Available in a wide range of upholstery colours with three base options, the Morb can be customised to enhance any interior aesthetic effortlessly, as removable seat cushions make it easy to clean after every client.

Prices: £1200 – £1380+VAT

For more information about the Coff or the Morb, contact Takara Belmont on 0207 515 0333 email [email protected] or visit the contact page at

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Takara Belmont. 

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