Takara Belmont Celebrates 100th Anniversary

by charlottegw / last updated March 3, 2021


This year marks a significant milestone in the history of Takara Belmont, as it joins a select group of iconic hairdressing brands that have reached their Centenary. Takara Belmont has now officially reached its 100 year anniversary!

Just take a look at some of their landmark innovations on this timeline.

In a Century dedicated to the advancement of hairdressing, barbering and beauty that is defined and motivated by innovation, invention and the development of cutting-edge design and manufacturing, the Takara Belmont of today is the result of seeds sown in Osaka, Japan in 1921.

From then …


To now …Takara-Belmont-Square

From humble beginnings …

From the outset, Takara Belmont embarked on a voyage to define global salon experiences through innovative furniture and equipment design. It set upon a mission to create and apply new and groundbreaking technologies that would elevate both the customer and stylist experience. And, it set out its intention to be the world’s best – by setting benchmark standards of quality, design, functionality, performance and durability that would make, and leave, an indelible impression on the global salon market – by shaping its future as well as defining the present. As part of this plan, Takara Belmont would expand into international markets. By drawing on international fashion and design, cultural nuances and global trends, it would perfect the art of salon design from aesthetic, atmospheric impressions to space optimisation, service range and performance, and commercial maximisation for the salon and barbershop business.

Fast forward to 2021 and every ambition has been accomplished. The company has created some of the world’s most iconic and enduring furniture and equipment designs, such as the Apollo 2 grooming chair series and the Adria II styling chair. It has developed and introduced ground-breaking technologies that have transformed hair care, treatments, chemical processes and colour with innovations like the Roller Ball F and Spa Mist II processors. It has redefined customer experiences by fusing technology and functionality with sublime luxury in the form of the Yume Series, the Legend and Maxim. It has achieved an international presence in over 100 countries and created the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, it has cultivated a service-first philosophy and product portfolio that hairdressing salons and barbershops worldwide depend on to support their business.

From high street to high-end luxury, from everyday salons and barbershops to the extraordinary, and from the unsung heroes to industry icons such as Trevor Sorbie (pictured below) and Daniel Galvin, Takara Belmont has shaped British and international hairdressing, barbering and beauty unlike any other equipment brand.

Trevor Sorbie bristol Andy Tyler Photography

Trevor Sorbie, Bristol © Andy Tyler Photography


The evolution continues

The evolution of Takara Belmont from a small family-run business to a global player that exerts influence across the international salon market is not yet complete. As a forward thinking, outward looking company, Takara Belmont believes in continual progress that respects the past, mirrors the present and anticipates the future. Salon owners can customise equipment to complement their brand, introduce new ideas and expand service options to deliver exceptional treatments to their clients. Indeed, Takara Belmont was the world’s first company to introduce motorisation to hairdressing chairs and shampoo systems, the first to introduce infrared technology to colour processing and it presented the world’s first fully automated shampoo system.

takara belmont legend

The pursuit of innovation

At a time of mass globalisation, it’s reassuring to know that it remains a third generation family-owned independent business, spearheaded by global CEO Hidetake Yoshikawa. Yet despite its international presence, influence and size, it remains true to its founding principles of exemplary service, precision in design and manufacturing and the pursuit of innovation. It remains guided by its customers, its team, the market and its own instincts to push the boundaries of invention, dream the impossible dream and make real the imagination of barbers and hairdressers as they move the salon industry forward.

With the appointment in July 2020 of new UK managing director Stephen Price, the Takara Belmont vision continues to take effect on a worldwide scale. Promoted after 23 years with the company, Stephen’s appreciation of the heritage and culture of Takara Belmont coupled with a deep understanding of the UK and European market will see the company stride into the future with confidence and optimism, despite a year of unprecedented turmoil for the industry.

Stephen Price says: “We intended to transform hairdressing, barbering and beauty and although we’ve achieved so much, our mission to deliver equipment and services that exceed the expectations of hairdressers and barbers, and their customers remains constant. The longevity of many of our products are testimony to what has been accomplished so far and we will add to our heritage as we look forward to the next 100 years!”

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