Authentic Beauty Concept Sponsor Hairdressers Without Borders

by kieran / last updated November 18, 2020

Hairdressers Without Borders new training

Authentic Beauty Concept has announced it will be the main sponsor for non-profit organisation Hairdressers Without Borders for the next three years.

Hairdressers Without Borders focuses on charity and education, specifically technical and commercial hairdressing skills through free professional training courses as a means of empowering people in challenging circumstances. The partnership aligns with Authentic Beauty Concept’s ideals as a holistic, co-created brand concerned with sustainability, authenticity and education.

Authentic Beauty Concept will support Hairdressers Without Borders’ Nepal Program for 2021 alongside international hair and make-up artist and ambassador for the Hairdressers Without Borders and Authentic Beauty Concept advocate, Juliette den Ouden.

The vocational training offered in the Nepal Programme consists of two to three weeks of advanced education for 15-20 women who will go on to become salon managers within Surkhet. The course includes modules such as Product Knowledge & Usage and Bridal Hair & Make-Up, as well as advanced salon skills that cover management, inventory and customer service.

Additionally, Hairdressers Without Borders will work with BlinkNow Women’s Centre to offer students personal and professional education through a comprehensive Empowerment Course, focusing on Nepaplese law, women’s rights, general business skills, and health and wellbeing.

Hairdressers Without Borders’ partnership with BlinkNow Women’s Centre, an organisation focused on promoting sustainability and self-reliance at the grassroots level of communities, began in 2018. This will be the organisation’s third series of hair and beauty training programmes.

Juliette comments: “I have been to Nepal to train women who have had no opportunities due to a violent past or a poor background. I have seen these women grow, not only in their skills with hair and make-up, but also in their self-confidence. As the Ambassador for Hairdressers Without Borders, I look forward to giving more women this opportunity.” 

You can learn more about Hairdressers Without Borders and get involved by visiting their website.

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