Authentic Beauty Concept Launch In-Salon Vegan Refill Bars

by kieran / last updated November 23, 2020

Authentic Beauty Concept vegan bars

Authentic Beauty Concept have begun launching in-salon vegan refill bars across the UK, an initiative supported by brand ambassadors Joseph Ferraro and Dan Mewies.

Previously, Authentic Beauty Concept have expressed their dedication to environmental concerns and conscious consumerism by carefully selecting sustainable brands to work with and choosing vegan formulas free from silicones, sulfates, parabens, artificial colourants and mineral oils for their products. 

The choice to introduce refillable product bottles and in-salon bars was considered the next crucial step they could take to continue this mission. “As a brand, we believe that we can all make a difference, even with small actions. When we put all those individual efforts together, and come together as a community, we can create real change and make bigger steps in the right direction,” a statement says.

When using the refill bar, the salon’s stylist will first provide a personal consultation on the client’s hair routine and concerns. When recommending personalised Authentic Beauty Concept products for the client, the stylist will fill a bottle made from 92% recycled plastic with the respective product from the refill bar.

Following this, the bottle is then labelled with an 85% bio-based PE label, which is a renewable alternative to polyethylene. Once the product is taken by the client and used, the bottle is then returned to the salon and refilled for the client.

Brand ambassadors Joseph Ferraro and Dan Mewies, and Brooke Evans from BE Ironbridge, are among the first to have the bar installed in their respective salons.

Joseph Ferraro, director of Joseph Ferraro Hair, says: “Having the Authentic Beauty Concept refill bar installed into the salon was a no brainer. We are always looking at ways to make our working day more sustainable and environmentally friendly; this is why I began working with Authentic Beauty Concept as I really appreciate their values. The refill bar also helps us to promote the key sustainable messaging of Authentic Beauty Concept in general.”

Dan Mewies, UK digital ambassador for Schwarzkopf, added: “As a salon promoting a healthy and mindful lifestyle, the refill bar fits perfectly with Mewies & Co’s values. We already use biodegradable towels, eco-shower heads and encourage free hand colouring, but the refill bar is a visible marker in demonstrating our commitment to becoming a more environmentally friendly salon.

“Since installing the refill bar, it’s become a hot topic of conversation. Clients feel like they’re doing their bit and we’ve picked up new customers in the area who have heard about it. We’re in a great position to make a big difference, not just in terms of changing our own habits but as a trusted source of information we can also affect our client’s behaviour. Refilling our bottles is another step in moving to a more sustainable future.”

Here’s five easy ways you can make your salon vegan-friendly.

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