The 70s Copper Shag: Reviving a Classic

by kieran / last updated January 26, 2022

70s Copper Shag from Indola

The Copper Shag was a look that swept the 70s as a bold yet subtle statement, and it’s about time it was introduced to a whole new audience.

As the seasons begin to ever so slowly change, Indola argues it’s the ideal time to experiment with some classic hairstyles, which is what they aimed to do with their recent Street Style collection.

Proudly represented within this initiative is the 70s Copper Shag. Indola comments: “prepare to be amazed as strawberry copper delivers a contemporary and elegant twist to the street style looks.”

Below, Indola offers their explanation as to how they brought this 70s classic into the current day:

Indola 70s copper shag

“Different shades of red and copper are drawn through the hair in soft colour gradients to enhance the copper sheen and to give the look added depth and lightness. The copper-strawberry hues celebrate the variation of depths and tones, with subtle placements adding texture and liveliness to the classic shag.”

“With a long fringe, the heavy internal layers release weight and add airiness to the hair. The wild texture and voluminous movement on the top and reducing volume on the sides is also a statement in itself. To complete the look, combine an acid green blouse with a simple top and skirt to give an extra pop of colour and edge.”

Global ambassador Paddy McDougall gave his insight on the new Street Style collection: “I think what’s great is with these looks, you can really see the power of pushing an individual’s look further. For me, it’s this level of customisation that is so important in terms of both creative and commercial growth.”

Copper shag from the 70s

To conclude, Indola’s global ambassador Andy Smith says: “This collection says hello to a new retro, vintage vibe. The 70s Copper Shag is a modern take on the mullet. I added shattered broken edges, internal heavy layers, a heavy fringe. I then worked in old school curls, dishevelling them sand shaking them out, creating volume in some areas but then flattening others.”

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