The French Bob: Giving this Timeless Look a Modern Twist

by kieran / last updated January 24, 2022

French Bob with a modern twist

The French bob is a classic staple that offers consistently stunning results, but how can a modern twist be introduced to keep clients at the cutting edge?

With the sun trying to break through the clouds and a new season slowly creeping up on us, Indola says it’s the perfect time to experiment with what we already know, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with their new Street Style collection.

Amongst these new looks is a fresh take on The French Bob, described as an ‘uplifting mood-booster’ which will help clients rewind to retro by letting the vintage tones blend with multi-dimensional hair colour of timeless brown. 

Below, Indola explains how they went about tapping into such a classic style whilst keeping it fresh:

Indola's French Bob

“Ashy hues compliment this timeless brown with a vintage undertone inspired by the classic Parisian chin-length cut. The ‘woke-up-like-this’ cut, chin-length hair with medium long fringe tailored by short graduation at the back adds a touch of effortless French chicness.”

“To enhance the synergy of hair colour and haircut, a two-tone global application is used in a cascaded colour placement technique. Styling with balanced volume and natural texture helps to achieve the ‘woke-up-like-this’ look. On the fashion side, a retro orange blouse with wild botanical print, combined with blue gingham checked pants – provide the perfect clash of patterns for spring.”

Indola French Bob from Street Style collection

On this look, and the collection as a whole, global ambassador Paddy McDougall comments: “For Spring 2022, we wanted to place emphasis on enhancing natural hues and tones, adding nuance and intensity of shine and depth. This is so important this season, colours need to look and feel multidimensional, we achieve this by layering complementary but distinctive shades together.”

Indola’s global ambassador, Andy Smith, adds: “I wanted to bring back the French bob but with a twist. On top of a long-graduated bob, I left a long veil to break it up, then styled in a few bends and soft pieces to accentuate the cut and add that glam vintage vibe.”

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