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The Copper Hair Trend is Hotting Up This Summer

by Sian Jones / last updated July 20, 2022

Phoebe Dynevor

This summer is the season of colour transformation, and we’ve seen celebs including Phoebe Dynevor, Kendall Jenner and Doja Cat embracing new copper hair. So what makes this versatile colour so popular and how can you make it work for your clients?

“From spring/summer through to autumn/winter, copper hair never goes out of trend and with celebrities such as Kendall Jenner recently sporting the look, this colour is a prominent trend for summer 2022.” says Seung Ki Baek, RUSH expert colourist. “The great thing about copper hair colour is that there is a shade to suit everyone and particularly for lighter skin tones, copper hair is a fantastic choice, as it helps to give warmth to the complexion.”

Kendall Jenner Copper

A Versatile Colour

Danilo Giangreco, owner of Danilo Hair Boutique and Revlon creative artist agrees explaining, “Since no two clients are the same, we can choose from a great variety of copper tones, from warm browns and spicy cinnamons to strawberry blonde, or very deep coppers. It all depends on skin tones and personal preference.” Brian Leo McCallum, Owner of ROAR Hair and Beauty, adds “There’s a million different ways to wear this trend. From full saturated copper through to what I like to call ‘spicy blondes’.”

As an artificial copper, Marney Lian, owner of Gritt London, is excited for this trend. “Copper hair is so understated but it’s the most versatile salon colour – from muted rustic copper to bold and bright, then the complete strawberry blonde natural finish. Creating the perfect copper tone for your client relies heavily on the undertone of their natural hair. Once that is established, the copper journey begins!”

Copper hair can be fiery or subtle for some added warmth, and has a spectrum that ranges from a peach copper to red-hot flames of orange says Matrix artist ambassador, Michelle Summers Davies. “For maximum impact with a bright vivid copper, I love a monochromatic application with a deep shadow root. This looks and speaks louder than words and is a real statement piece. For something more subtle, a copper balayage using darker rich coppers with a mix of golden and rose gold tones is stunning. I feel anyone can pull off a copper, it’s the perfect colour for pale or warm skin tones.”

Typically, many shy away from copper colours however, after blonde, it is the most varied colour clients can opt for says Ceri Cushen, art director at Metropolis Hairdressing and Revlon Professional master artist. “There are endless possibilities and with shine that rivals even the glossiest of brunettes, copper is an excellent choice that works well on short, long, straight and curly hair.”

Copper Colour Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining the colours, this is of great importance and should be communicated to the client from the get go. “Having a ‘statement’ or ‘bold’ colour will result in a higher maintenance regime and may require more frequent salon visits as well as a bespoke home care routine, to ensure the colour looks it’s very best at all times.”

Andrew Smith, Andrew Smith Salons and global ambassador for recommends adding an extra conditioning or glossing treatment to enhance the look for a finish that’s full of shine and healthy looking. “It’s vital that you educate your clients on the importance of home care products, as these will keep the colour vibrant and long lasting – the use of cheaper/alternative products can sometimes result in quick colour fade and dried out hair.”

It is important, as with any colour to use colour prolonging care says Sophie Benson, head of education at Keune UK, “Clients should use colour protecting shampoos and conditioners, with leave in colour sprays which will help reduce colour fade and help protect against colour shifting from the sun.”

In order to maintain the longevity of colours Hair Stylist Katie Allan, founder of MAYFIVE Hair recommends sulphate free shampoo, “There are many shampoos available that are specific to certain hair colours to help add a glow and maintain your desired shade. My main tip that many people often forget, is to rinse hair in cool water rather than piping hot or warm water. Warm water will open the cuticle and let colour molecules escape!”

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