Blue Monday: Top Tips for Achieving Blue Hair

by chloe / last updated February 15, 2022

Blue monday hair

With 17 January just around the corner, Blue Monday is on the horizon. A day where the blues set in and some of us might feel down and well – blue! Instead, Pulp Riot want us to take the opportunity to create some gorgeous blue hair.

Pulp Riot artist, Helena Brookes, says creating the perfect teal isn’t difficult but needs proper care and attention. “As with any bright tones, hair needs to be properly prepped prior to colouring, and the right aftercare should be recommended to ensure it stays vibrant for longer.” Below, Helena shares her tips for getting the best results for monday pulp riot

Helena’s Top Tips for Creating Perfect Blue Hair

1. Consider your technique

An easy option when taking on blue hair is to go for techniques such as dip-dye, ombré or balayage. These will be simple to maintain when applying the blue top up at home.

Or, try the hidden panel technique for clients who just want a splash of colour or haven’t tried anything like this before. The blue will be hidden unless curled or tied half up, half down. You can go as vibrant or as pastel as you and your client want.

2. Choose the right shade

When using blue you’ll find the deeper you go the longer it will last. If you’re wanting even easier maintenance, Helena suggests using Pulp Riot Nemesis for a deeper smoked blue, or Nightfall for the deeper and brighter blue result. These blues will give your client an amazing fade and will last longer.

blue monday pulp riot

3. Wash with cold water

Wash in the coolest water you can and resist washing it more than twice a week to prevent colour fading quickly.

4. Semi-permanent is the way to go

 Having blue hair can be super fun over the holiday periods but can sometimes be stubborn to remove. When using Pulp Riot semi-permanent colour, Helena uses Blank Canvas colour remover to take away any unwanted blue hues from the hair. Back to blonde in no time!

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