The Most Popular Instagram Hair Colour Trends We’ll See in 2019

by akesha / last updated December 7, 2018

Love it or loathe it, Instagram hair colour trends are the first to the party when it comes to what your clients will be requesting so it’s crucial you’re always up to date and ideally one step ahead of the current craze.

Take note of the shades and techniques below that will be all over your clients’ grids in 2019…

#pinkhair -5.6m posts

Ranging from the lightest pastel to the brightest fuchsia, pink hair will continue to have a strong presence on Instagram feeds across the globe. Here’s a guide to tone terminology with matching images from Heffy Wheeler, owner of HX Hair and OSMO brand ambassador.

Barbie pink

Instagram Hair Colour - barbie pink


Instagram Hair Colour - fuchsia

Metallic rose

Instagram Hair Colour - metallic rose

Millennial pink

Instagram Hair Colour - millennial pink

Pink lemonade

Instagram Hair Colour - pink lemonade

Images courtesy of Heffy Wheeler

#denimhair – 15.1k posts

Light wash denim

Medium wash denim

Indigo wash denim

#rainbowhair 782k posts 

Instagram Hair Colour - rainbow hair

Courtesy of Heffy Wheeler

“The rainbow hair trend is visually about as striking as it gets. With a pre-lightened base nothing is off limits. For clients who don’t want to commit to a full head, rainbow under lights are a great choice.

Using mesh or foils on long hair means your chosen colours can be painted without blending to create a statement. Freehand blending gives a softer result as each colour melts into the next giving the ever popular ombré with a twist. The OSMO Color Pyscho 14-piece range is perfect for rainbow creatives.” Heffy Wheeler, owner of HX Hair and OSMO brand ambassador 

#redhair 14m posts

From subtle rouge highlights to rich wine-inspired tresses, red locks are back in a big way. It can be tricky to perfect and hard for clients to maintain that Insta-worthy colour at home so here are three pieces of key red education to consider…

1. Work with saturated and vibrant mixes to create wine tones such as Bordeaux and Beaujolais.

“Add hints of pink to create a more vibrant, neon tone. This will give a classic red an updated feel. For a more expensive red wine tone, mix blue and violet into the basic colour,” explains Warren Boodaghians, TIGI’s global academy technical creative director.

2. Choose your colour wisely.

The IDHair Specials range consists of four red shades that work to lift and tone the hair at the same time, cutting through underlying tones to allow even those with a dark base to achieve bright, vibrant red and copper hues.

Instagram Hair Colour - red hair

Courtesy of Goldwell

3. Understand which red tones will suit your client’s skin.

“Orange-based reds, coppers and copper golds are warm and soft tones, regardless of how vivid they are,” explains Beverley C, Goldwell’s UK guest artist. “Mahogany, damsons and violet reds are far more cool and look amazing when matched to paler skin tones. I use Goldwell colour mixed with @Pure Pigments which gives an almost reflective 3D colour effect.”

4. Educate clients about maintenance.

A colour specific shampoo such as Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Freeze Vibrant Red and Color Worx gel Igora Color Worx Concentrates brighten and give a new lease of life to red hair. Gemma Hensman, director at Hensmans and Schwarzkopf Professional UK ambassador shares her top tip: “Add an in salon treatment such as Schwarzkopf Professional’s Fibre Clinix to your client’s appointment. This will stop fade and increase the vibrancy of the colour, while keeping hair in its best condition.”

#chocolatehair 67.2k

Aubergine – “Aubergine coloured hair is one of my favourite tones and it works really well on brunettes. I make plummy dark hues melt into gorgeous softer purple tones,” explains Francesca Dixon, creative colourist at Hari’s Hair Salon. Get the look: Redken HDResolution in 5.62 Red Violet

Instagram Hair Colour - chocolate brunette

Courtesy of Muse of London

Chocolate – Muse of London has created a new campaign featuring six chocolate shades using TIGI Copyright Colours. White Chocolate Praline, Melted Chocolate Mousse, Champagne Truffle, Strawberry Ganache, Cinnamon Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate can all be used with different hair services such as glossing, highlights, babylights, lowlights and all over tints.

Mushroom – “The mushroom trend shows how people are embracing the warmer shades of grey and silver. As hairdressers we can work with what the hair can lift to, rather than pushing the hair past its limit,” explains Lee Belcher, Kevin Murphy’s gold key educator. Get the look: Kevin Murphy Color.Me 7.2 + 7.31 + soft violet

[lead image courtesy of Heffy Wheeler]

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