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Colour Express: How to Speed Up Colour Appointments

by charlottegw / last updated August 25, 2020

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Thanks to post-pandemic regulations, the colour services you’re giving clients need to hit the mark quickly meaning you might need to speed up colour appointments.

Just think Daft Punk: they need to work harder, better, fast and stronger.

Appointments are completely different in a post-lockdown world, but your clients will want to feel valued as opposed to rushed. Check out these expert tips that’ll make your colour services work for you and your clients before, during and after their appointments.


Be crystal clear
“Clear communication with clients at the point of booking is paramount to ensure they arrive on time, arrive alone and know they need to wait for the salon team to welcome them into the salon. It’s important clients know why their appointment might be different both in terms of timescale and what will happen. For example, we’ve built in cleaning and hygiene time after appointments to ensure the stations are clean. It is essential to communicate this to your clients and justify why the appointment times are longer or why you might not be able to fulfil all of their colouring needs in a single appointment.”
Paul Chandler, technical director, Advanced Pro Salon

Plan, plan and plan some more
“We are living in unprecedented times and with government regulations on social distancing still in force there is a huge pressure on salons to make all appointments more efficient. Plan your day to the finest detail and if you haven’t already, introduce phone consultations with clients prior to their appointment to help with client expectations.”
Mark Leeson, global artistic ambassador, Revlon Professional

Introduce a colour system
“At Tuckwell & Co we use the colour management system called Vish to manage all of our colour notes and weights. It helps to reduce our wastage massively as it automatically adjusts what we have used on the clients’ history. This saves us so much time and removes the guess work. As a salon owner, I’m so happy to see hardly any colour left in the bowls after each service!”
Simon Tuckwell, Balmain master educator

Get your colour notes in order
“Keeping colour notes up-to-date helps at every part of the process, from consultation right through to sending clients home with products at the end. You know exactly what was done before so you can either do the same if they loved it or if you know what to adapt to make it even more perfect next time.”
Hannah Button, Pulp Riot advocate

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Introduce speedy services
“The ‘backwash refresh’ is a new quickfire service we brought in post-lockdown at Slunks. Simply add three drops of Crazy Color’s new Power Pigments to your backwash shampoo or water to create a colour refresh top-up. We love them because they give you maximum profit from your service and clients love them because it’s quick and they can add it onto a cut or blow-dry service.”
Slunks Salon, sponsored stylists, Crazy Color

Give your menu a refresh
“Transparency has been the key to time saving for us. Our Back to Beautiful Blonde menu helps to simplify the colour service for our client. This menu offers dedicated services for blondes post-lockdown and it gives the client clear options and information about the services they can choose from. Each service includes take-home products to ensure that condition and tone is cared for and we give a total price that includes toners and in-salon treatments.”
Andrew Smith, Andrew Smith Salons owner and milk_shake ambassador

Tone in 10
“Gone are the days where you could work on more than one client at a time with colour developing at different stages (at least for the time being). This means you need colour that works really quickly. Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA Color10 can process, cover and deliver a perfect tone in just 10 minutes so it cuts processing time down by a third. Always ensure the hair is T sectioned prior to colouring as it will make it more efficient.”
Lesley Jennison, Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador

Go freehand
“If a client doesn’t have enough time for a full application, use free-hand detailing to tide clients over. Paint a few singles in the parting and around the hairline to help the colour last a few extra weeks. The Precision Colour Tool range I developed with Denman features the Small Brush which is perfect for this.”
Jack Howard, Denman global colour educator

Develop your own mixing hacks
“It’s important to keep everything efficient when running a busy column. My favourite mixing hack when creating clean blondes is to use 1 to 2 grams of Strawberry from OSMO Ikon in with all my blondes. It neutralises the cooler tones to create a cleaner shade.”
Becky Sutherland, owner Lush Salon, OMSO Ikon ambassador

Colour inside the lines
“An effective colour technique that is often overlooked is to comb on colour following the growth pattern and/or the shape of the haircut. This technique works best on shorter lengths and is perfect to add blonder, warmer tones or even richer tones depending on the natural hair colour. It’s also great for masking greying temples, just use a very fine toothcomb. It takes 20 minutes to apply and then 20 minutes under heat and you get a perfect lift on natural colour.”
Tracy Hayes, Fudge Professional global brand ambassador

Protect as you colour
“The challenge in these times is to build a strong clientele and ensure they get the best results possible from their appointment time. You can do this by using products that work overtime and will colour effectively while nourishing at the same time. Yellow by Alfaparf’s colour contains an additive call Bond Hero. It strengthens hair by 84% and is a one-step process. All the protection and no downtime in the salon so it’s a win-win situation.”
Amy Lopez, Yellow creative director

Create smooth-running services
“Getting your blonde colour services streamlined is key. ASP Spectrum is a fast-track to blonde with its 30-minute development time and the ability to add your own tone it’s super flexible to use. I particularly love the violet tone for a clean blonde.”
Tracey Devine Smith, ASP global ambassador

Blonde 2.0
“Lightening hair techniques are popular and we are all quick to jump to a bleach and tone. When I want to get a different result Wella Professionals Magma is my go-to product. I like to create pastel blondes such as oyster pinks, violets and corals. Since returning to work there is no such thing as reverting back to those old colour notes, right now I am creating shades of opal blondes, and light strawberry blondes.”
Sarah Mason, Sarah Mason Professional, Galway, Ireland

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Create custom take-home colour
“Clients are becoming more shade savvy thanks to Instagram, which means colourists can work with them to create custom colours like bronde. At Celeb Luxury we use one part Gem Lites Sandy Opal and one part Cocoa Quartz to create bronde. The best part is clients can be sent home with the blends, saving time on both sides of the chair. With no ammonia, peroxide or sulphates and with the added benefit of a bond rebuilder, it’s a win for your client’s hair.”
Jenn Hittle, Celeb Luxury director of global education

Don’t hold back on the advice
“For client’s hair to look its best, the groundwork needs to begin at home. A good after-care regime makes our work in the salon quicker and easier, so never skip the retail part of the appointment where you explain how to take care of their colour at home. You are the expert.”
Paul Watts, JOICO European colour design team member

Products are the foundation of great hair
“Everyone knows I am a huge product fan. I believe products are the foundation to great hair and I will always work with my clients to advise them on an at home haircare routine that is tailored to them. For all my colour clients, I recommend the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Colour. It is fabulous for reducing colour fade and locking in the colour for longer but it is also amazing at keeping the hair super glossy and shiny. The range comes with a great masque which can be used one to two times a week for extra nourishment.”
Adam Reed, L’Oréal Professionnel UK Editorial Ambassador

Protecting colour between appointments is key
“One of the most important things about any colour service is the aftercare. The correct wash and care regime will help keep the hair fibre intact and give clients long lasting colour results so their hair colour will stay fresh for longer. The TIGI Copyright Care range is colour-safe and is specifically designed to protect coloured hair inside and out. This is why it’s my go-to brand for all colour hues. My top tip is to intermix Copyright Repair and Toning Shampoo on a 1:1 mixing ratio. This will help to keep clean soft blondes fresh and radiant.”
Lucy Hicks, Regional Education Specialist at TIGI

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