Hair Industry Encourages Hair Salons and Freelancers to Follow Safety Guidelines

by laurahusband / last updated August 24, 2020

hair salons freelancers safety guidelines

The National Hair and Barber Federation (NHBF) and Hair and Barber Council urge UK hair salons and freelancers to follow safety guidelines and PPE rules to prevent closures and localised lockdowns.

The NHBF has created a new campaign called #DoItRight following the news that all businesses are at risk of receiving formal action from the local authorities. The aim of this new campaign is to highlight the importance of everyone in the hair, beauty and barbering industries following the guidelines and operating in a COVID-secure way.

Why should hair salons and freelancers follow the safety guidelines?

NHBF’s chief executive Hilary Hall explains why hair salons and freelancers should follow the safety guidelines. She says: “We have worked hard to ensure hair salons, barbershops and individual professionals can get back to work but because some are failing to follow the guidelines they are putting the whole industry at risk.”

The Hair & Barber Council’s CEO Keith Conniford understands it is difficult for salons and hairdressing professionals to wear PPE all day. However, he also stresses the importance of following the rules during this worrying time.

He points out: “Being able to stay open and trade is critical for our industry’s survival, and if wearing a visor and a type II face mask enables us to keep all our customers and staff safe, whilst still remaining ‘open for business’ then we must all do as the UK Government tells us!”

An official statement from the the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy states all businesses are at risk of receiving formal action from local authorities if they are not following the rules.

Failure to comply with an enforcement notice from a local authority officer could lead to prosecution in the criminal courts and penalties ranging from a fine to up to two years’ imprisonment.

The rules vary in different parts of the UK and are subject to change. In England for example, hair salons and freelancers must wear both a face visor and a type II face mask. 

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