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Cool Blue Hair Inspiration And How to Achieve It

by charlottegw / last updated January 19, 2021

cool navy blue hair

From navy to aqua, Instagram has served up some very cool blue hair looks of late. Take a look at a few of our favourites and keep scrolling to see the pros tips for helping your clients achieve blue locks, minus the damage and fade.


What the experts say …

“It can be difficult to carry off blue without it looking synthetic. I would advise so go for a washed out, faded denim tone and to achieve this is it crucial you have a clean base. You need to pre-lighten the hair before silverising to ensure there is yellow tones left in the base colour as mixed with blue could create shades of green. A cleaner undertone will create a more stable finish. It is then crucial that bond protectors and ammonia-free products are used to prolong the colour.”
Sam Burnett, owner Hare and Bone

“For clients looking to go blue, whatever the shade, it can take a while to reach the hair goal – this is dependant on the current condition of the hair, texture and previous colour applications. It’s really important that this is communicated to the client so they are made aware of the time frame. As a stylist I work with some of the most professional brands, meaning that when working with colour potential damage is limited as the products are created to reduce this. I always use a professional colour shampoo and conditioner and recommend this to the client too, as we all know this helps reduce colour fade and also keeps the hair in the best condition possible!”
Darrel Starkey of Taylor’s Hair Studio
“My favourite blue trend has to be the pale almost aqua hue (Tiffany Blue), it is so feminine and really easy to carry off. However, I wouldn’t recommend this on a base darker than a mid-blonde because to achieve this cool blue colour the hair needs to be prelightened to a very pale yellow first. To keep it fresh and to avoid fading add a little “direct blue temporary colour” to your conditioner, apply after shampoo and leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.”
Kerry Mather, owner of KJM Salons, Fleet

“We’ve all heard to saying, “fight fire with fire” so let’s run head first into the new year blasting out the January blues with the boldest brightest blues on the market! Blue may seem a brave choice but it has proved popular in the past with so many stars, from Rihanna to Kylie Jenner already sporting this look. OSMO Color Psycho have the choice of Wild Blue or Wild Cobalt with ultra kind moisturising properties and super long-lasting intensity. For the brightest results apply over pre lightened hair and leave for 30 mins before rinsing. Adding a little Wild Black to your mix will add mood, shadow and depth to your shade but always test on either a piece of cotton wool, white paper or a small section of your hair. On the other side of the scale to make a beautiful pastel blue use the OSMO Color Psycho Colour Tamer from the range to give a lighter more delicate shade.”
Adele Clarke, owner of Spectrum Hair Company

“Its important your client cares for their new blue hue, I always recommend they use a sulphate free shampoo like Revlon Professional UniqONE Shampoo (£14) that won’t strip their hair colour and instead nourish it.   Remind your clients to use luke warm water when washing their hair, hot water will open the cuticle and the colour will fade much quicker- If possible rise in cold water after conditioning to help seal the cuticles.  I love Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Filters Blue190 (from £12.40) it has a unique 3-in-1 INSTA-PIC TechnologyTM for intense colour, care and shine that will keep hair perfectly toned at home between appointments.  It’s a must have for anyone with a bold colour especially blue, as this colour can fade quickly and Nutri Color Filters are deeply conditioning to smooth, hydrate & provide high octane shine.”
Revlon Professional Global Artistic Ambassador Mark Leeson
“Blue hair looks great on long or short hair – but it can start to look green if not looked after. But it doesn’t mean you have to feel blue – there’s a huge spectrum of shades to choose from, ranging from pastel blue to bright head-turning cobalt. I would highly recommend Schwarzkopf Chroma ID in blue – this is a temporary colourant so doesn’t damage the hair. It can be diluted in shampoo depending on whether you want your blue as crystal as the sea or as bright as a peacock!”
David Corbett, David Corbett Hairdressing, Bothwell, Glasgow
“Blues come in so many varying shades from pastels/ lilac blues and all the way to intense Denim Blues and Turquoise. The most important tip for a successful Blue tone, is to have a clean pre-lightened base anything too yellow, and you will see green undertones, that will not look good when the colour is fading after shampooing. Also, keep in mind the aftercare, this is important to keep the colour looking good and to minimise fading. Fudge Professional Damage Rewind Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for chemically treated hair, containing Opti-PLEX and hair guard technology with helps repair and smooth the cuticle, therefore safeguarding your colour. The Fudge Professional Paintbox shades of Chasing Blue and Turquoise Days are the perfect semi-permanent colours for a short-term hair change or to keep your blue looking bold and bright. With a dual conditioning system to care and protect the hair.”
Tracy Hayes, global colour ambassador
“As colourists, we know that any colour work should be taken with the ultimate care and that the
condition of the hair should be the main priority, this should also be communicated to clients at every
stage of the process – remember communication is key during any hair service, especially colour. We are proud ambassadors of JOICO, whose products are developed to maintain the condition of the hair at all times and of course keep it look and feeling amazing. When working with such a bold colour
such as blue, I would work with the incredible Color Intensity range – a perfect collection of beautifully pigmented shades with endless possibilities whilst nourishing the hair. Following the colour application, I would treat the hair and recommend the client use our K-Pak Color Therapy range for aftercare, to ensure the colour is kept in the best condition as possible and that colour fade is reduced.”
Dan Spiller, Joico colour ambassador for the UK, Europe and Ireland
“With these blue shades maintenance is key, although the tones can look really great when faded out with some of the brighter blue hues turning a turquoise blue/green colour. To prolong the hair colour we always recommend a colour saving shampoo that’s used a couple of times a week, as well hair treatments and masks that help to seal in the colour and keep it looking its very best.”
Suzie McGill and Dylan Brittain, International directors at Rainbow Room International
“At Anne Veck we love blue hair, but the success of it depends on the base color you apply the blue dye onto. It’s worth remembering that blue applied onto a yellow base will give you a green. For best results it’s worth double toning. The first one being an anti yellow in order to apply the blue dye on as clean as possible base. The lighter the blue the cleaner the base needs to be. Alchemic Creative Conditioner, Marine Blue from Davines is the perfect product to avoid colour fading and look after the condition of your blue hair.”
Anne Veck, owner Anne Veck salon

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