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Get The Look: ‘The Hollywood Glam Wave’

by chloe / last updated March 3, 2022

The hollywood glam wave

London Fashion Week had the pleasure of hosting RIXO’s AW22 Presentation, and the hair glam was all thanks to James Earnshaw, UK trade ambassador for ghd. This is ‘The Hollywood Glam Wave’: if the 30s met the 70s, fell in love and had a baby, we think it’d look a little something like this…

In a haze of shine, volume and movement, James brought all the glitz and glamour you’d expect in a Hollywood hair revival. The collection captures the essence of ‘The Golden Age of Glamour for women’s fashion’, and celebrates the opulence and splendour depicted on the Hollywood screens at the time.

James and his team brought their vision to life using ghd’s new curve thin wand: “I love this tool because it can be used to create so many different styles. For the RIXO AW22 Presentation, it been used to create detailed glossy waves. It’s my backstage secret weapon,” he says.

Get The Look

Here’s how you can get James’ ‘Hollywood Glam Wave’…

Step 1: Begin by prepping the hair with ghd curly ever after, curl hold spray

james earnshaw

Step 2: Using the ghd helios professional hairdryer, create a side parting to the far right and dry

Step 3: Using the new ghd curve thin wand, take small sections of the hair at the front and curl in the same direction, working away from the face

hollywood glam wave

To maintain length and definition, take V-shaped diagonal large sections from the back and curl

Using the ghd oval dressing brush  and the ghd tail comb, take your time to sculpt the wave

Using long silver pins and a finger wave motion over the top of the wave, continue to sculpt the hair

hollywood glam

Step 4: Leaving the pins in the hair, spritz the final look with the ghd perfect ending hairspray and leave to set

Finish by using the ghd helios professional hairdryer with the ghd diffuser attachment to set the wave in place

Leave for one hour and then remove pins to reveal the final look, and voila! That’s ‘The Hollywood Glam Wave’!

ghd hollywood glam wave

In a nutshell, think soft, deconstructed waves, with all the bounce and shine as you can fit on a runway. Get curling!

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