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Out With the Old, In With a Bob

by chloe / last updated February 24, 2022

celebrity bob

As we approach spring, we’re seeing lots of clients ditch that dead weight with a big chop. Let’s take a look at HJ’s favourite celebrity bob transformations that have surfaced recently, and the importance of considering face shape when creating your client’s new ‘do’.

Plus, if Jennifer Lopez can’t convince your client to take the plunge, then who can…

Celebrity bob transformations from 2022


In her recent shoot with Rolling Stone, J-Lo’s power pose and tuxedo weren’t the only things making heads turn. Her hair was fashioned into a blunt, square-edged bob, resting just below her chin. The front of the bob was styled to hug her face, creating an almond shape that accentuated the deep plunge of her suit. This shape is ideal for clients with strong features; J-Lo’s chiselled jawline and cheekbones set the cut off perfectly and cement the all-powerful energy she exudes.

Nicole Scherzinger’s bob

Nicole Scherzinger braved the chop a couple of days ago and transformed her locks into a wavy, textured chin-length bob. Her parting was swept over to one side with plenty of bounce and volume, thanks to hairdresser Dimitris Giannetos. Her long, chiselled face shape is shortened in effect, as the shape frames and the texture pulls the hair away from her face. Scherzinger caption the transformation, “This is your sign to try out a new hairstyle,” and we couldn’t agree more!

Laura Harrier’s bob

Laura Harrier recently unleashed her brand-new bob on Instagram, with a more relaxed vibe than J-Lo’s. Her side-parted waves create a soft, effortless texture. Her defined cheekbones and heart-shaped jawline make this cut perfect for her.

Beyoncé’s bob

Beyoncé has also teased fans in her latest Ivy Park release with a thick, square bob. The key difference, however, is the statement, brow-brimming fringe. Despite her cherry-red, matching latex coat, hat and dress, her bob somehow came out on top and caught fans’ eyes most. Her oval face shape is a great base for any type of bob, from blunt to soft, short to long.

Lea Michele’s bob

Last but never least, Lea Michele introduced her followers to her fresh lob with the caption ‘2022 ready’. Shoulder-length bobs can help to balance the proportion of the wider jaw versus a narrow forehead. Its rich, dark-chocolate hue is a staple for Lea, aiding the healthy shine her locks emit.

That’s a wrap! For now…we’re certain there will be more where that came from, as the ‘bob bug’ makes its way around for the umpteenth time! Stay ahead of the hair trends and read our digital issue of HJ here.

But if these looks don’t take your clients’ fancy, here’s another bob trend to try this spring…

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