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Oscars 2022: HJ Hair Awards

by chloe / last updated March 28, 2022

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If you missed the Oscars last night, let us fill you in: Chris Rock got slapped across the cheek by Will Smith, Liza Minnelli appeared on stage with Lady Gaga to present Best Picture and Jane Campion became the first female director to receive a back-to-back win.

However, this is HJ. And first and foremost, we care about the hair glam we saw last night (Sunday 27 April). So, we spoke to some experts today and together, we bring you the Oscars 2022: HJ Hair Awards…

Oscars 2022: HJ Hair Awards

Best Up Do: Zoe Kravitz

Oscars 2022 Zoë Kravitz hair

“Zoë Kravitz’s hairstyle at this year’s Oscars was the epitome of chic and is a style that also pays tribute to the iconic Audrey Hepburn,” says Joana Neves, editorial director at ALTERNA Europe.

“When creating this look, product is key. I would start by applying some ALTERNA Caviar Multiplying Volume Styling Mist to the top section of the hair and an anti-frizz serum to the mid-lengths and ends to give hair that ‘wet’ look effect, as well as soft volume. I would then section off the fringe and use a hairdryer with the nozzle pointing downwards (to ensure the hair stays smooth and free from flyaways) and would work the hair backwards with the hairdryer and a paddle brush before securing it into a ponytail at the back.

Loop the hair round into two high buns and secure with pins. For the fringe, I would use my hairdryer to direct this to one side of the face for that gorgeous side-swept look. Finish with a mist of hairspray to keep the hair in place, paying particular focus to the fringe, and an added glass-like shine.”

Best Drama: Laverne Cox

Oscars 2022 Laverne Cox hair

“Laverne Cox served us extravagance and drama. Her strapless dress was the perfect partner for the sweeping, glamorous updo that she wore. Her hair was styled effortlessly onto the top of her head into an undone bun. Her hair was pulled out to create a quiffed, tousled finish,” described Brian Leo McCallum, owner of ROAR Hair and Beauty. “To soften this style, a couple of pieces of hair were perfectly placed to fall around her face.

To style hair like this, it’s important to style the hair before putting it up. For Laverne’s look, create a soft wave throughout first. Secure the hair into a high ponytail before wrapping the hair around itself to create a super soft shape. Make sure you finish with a strong hold hairspray as this kind of tousled look needs support to last.”

Best Showstopper: Zendaya

Oscars 2022 Zendaya hair

“Zendaya sported a very different look at this year’s Oscars but it was definitely one of the most eye-catching looks from the night. Her hair was styled in a voluminous, wispy updo that brought all the attention to her face and beautiful features,” added Suzi McGill, artistic director at Rainbow Room International.

“To start this look it would be essential to create lots of volume at the crown – gently backcombing around the crown area and brushing over to keep the finish of the look soft. Prior to backcombing, adding in some texture spray like Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Texture Craft Dry Texture Spray to the hair will help to add volume and grit before pinning the updo into place at the back of the head. A hairdryer can also be used to help direct the hair back off the face before pinning.

Finish by lightly pulling out some sections of hair, paying particular focus around the front of the face to give it that wispy finish. Then spritz with some high hold hairspray to keep the look in place all night long.”

Best Blonde: Lady Gaga

Oscars 2022 Lady Gaga hair

“Always one for the watching, Lady Gaga always goes for the most incredibly beautiful looks, and I was in love with her gorgeous updo at last night’s Oscars 2022,” says Philip Bell, Ishoka Hair and Beauty. “Following her House of Gucci stint, we have seen her embrace more vintage-inspired looks and it is something that suits her completely. Wearing a beautiful lemon tulle gown, her hair was styled into a gorgeous up-do, with vintage rolls throughout, creating the ultimate statement look.

When creating this look, it’s all about creating a flawless finish, and perfectly securing it to ensure the look stays in place for the duration. You are essentially creating a work of art, and using a mix of hair ties, bobby pins and discreet hair wire, will allow you to create the most incredible look.  Using a strong hold hairspray when creating this look is essential as it will hold the style in place, as well as create a beautiful shine on top of her bright blond locks.”

Best Finish: Jamie Dornan

Oscars 2022 Jamie Dornan Hair

“The men at this year’s Oscars really stood out with so many great hairstyles being showcased on the red carpet. I particularly loved Jamie Dornan’s effortless, ‘I woke up like this’ hairstyle, which almost had a wet finish to it. This is becoming a huge trend for men, as well as women this year,” adds Jim Shaw, owner of TONI&GUY Billericay.

“I love to use American Crew Fiber Cream on damp hair to create this look, before leaving to air dry or using a hairdryer and my hands to break up the hair to enhance the natural hair texture and provide added shine and movement. The hair can then be spritzed with a texture spray to give the look further texture and messy finish, as well as hold.”

Best Bounce: Lily James

Oscars 2022 Lily James hair

“Lily James opted for a classic, timeless look on the Oscars red carpet this year. Her hair was perfectly styled into an elegant bouncy blow-dry and her dress and makeup complimented her style perfectly,” describes Paul Watts, JOICO European color design team member.

“A bouncy blow-dry for the red carpet begins with the correct preparation. I like to prep the hair with a moisturising, replenishing mask. One of my go-to products for this is the JOICO K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor. It smoothes the cuticles of the hair to create the ideal base for a blowdry. To add volume to the hair, ensure you style the hair upwards to give lift at the root. Use round barrel brushes to add the bounce. To finish the style and add even more volume, add a mist of a volumising spray into the roots. Use your fingers to gently work this into the scalp and roots to finish this look.”

Best Style: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner hair

“Kendall showed off her lighter hair at the Oscars this year and it suits her perfectly. Her hair was pulled back into a super tight, sleek ponytail. Paired with very subtle bouncy waves, this look was the perfect balance between glamorous and effortless,” says Jay Birmingham, celebrity hairdresser. “To elevate her style, Kendall’s hair was parted in the centre to create definition. I love to create this look for red carpet events and photo shoots for my celebrity clients.

My go-to products to create this style are the Color Wow Dream Coat to prep the hair, the Beautyworks Waver to add a gentle bend to the hair and lots of grips and hair ties to secure the ponytail in place. Take the hair from above the ear and sleek it back tightly into the ponytail just under the crown of the head. Make sure to remove all lumps and bumps to ensure this looks completely put together and perfect for the red carpet.”

Best Elegance: Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

“Penelope Cruz always oozes sophistication, no matter what event she attends and last night’s Oscars was no different. Penelope opted for a deep side parting and beautiful, effortless waves. With gorgeous volume throughout, this really was the perfect style to finish off her overall chic glamour look,” notes Andrew Smith, global ambassador of Z.One Concepts.

“When recreating this look, volume and shine are key, and the preparation is vital to ensure the long-lasting style stays in place and looks fabulous at all times. After washing the hair, distribute a small amount of volumising mousse throughout the hair, to again encourage that ‘oomph’ the style requires, and then blow-drying with a large barrel brush, with heat directed at the root to once again encourage volume.

When blow-drying, do so with a slight curl throughout, holding and then twirling down to keep the beautiful wave in check. When working at the front of the hair, using your barrel brush, opt for a much large curl, as this section of the hair is the real statement. Also, using a large barrel tong can help to enhance this. When complete, lightly brush through and finish with a shine spray.”

Oscars 2022: HJ Hair Awards – That’s a wrap

Sounds easy enough? Take a stab at some of these Oscars 2022 hair looks on your clients and remember these key notes: high shine always, texture and volume are key, pick your products carefully and never underestimate the power of an updo.

How do these looks compare to our favourite looks from the BAFTAs?

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