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Has Lorde Made the “Hair Scarf” A Trend?

by hjiadmin / last updated November 25, 2021

lorde hair scarf trend

Singer Lorde added a new layer to the phrase “hair accessory”, using her hair as a scarf at the Guggenheim International Gala.

shuttWearing a strapless Dior gown for the Guggenheim International Gala last week (November 17), singer Lorde turned to an unconventional accessory to keep warm on the red carpet, using her own hair as a scarf.

Always unconventional in her style, Lorde stepped away from the accessories we expect to see at events like the Gala, choosing against wearing a necklace or a hair accessory to elevate her outfit by using her long hair as the accessory.

Replacing accessories with your hair isn’t a new concept, with styles like headband braids substituting the need for actual headbands for years, but Lorde’s hair scarf takes the “hair as an accessory” notion to a new level.

Hairstylist Cameron Rains revealed how he created he look on his Instagram, sharing how he wrapped the 25-year old’s hair across the front of her neck, creating a choker-style scarf with a ponytail detail where he secured the look at the back in a series of behind-the scenes images.

Do hairdressers think the “hair scarf” be the next must-wear accessory for the colder months, or is it a look that only works for runways and red carpets?

“Hair is the one accessory we never take off!” said OSMO global ambassador Michael Convey. “It’s been used for centuries as an accessory –plaits, extensions, colour are all accessorising methods.  This is obviously very editorial and red carpet in its creation and the average customer isn’t really going to want this. But, as hairdressers we’re always good at adapting and tailoring high fashion to a high street version.”

Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional global ambassador, agreed that hair has always been used as accessory, but thinks it’s starting to be used in more unconventional ways, saying “Hair is definitely being incorporated into more accessories like rings, clothes, hats etc. Hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists are all working closer together on shoots, shows, catwalks and this is why hair is perhaps becoming more of an accessory.  This may then start to filter into the salon environment, but I think it will always be more mainstream adaptations than red carpet, when that happens.”

Celebrity hairdresser Jay Birmingham said that “the idea behind this look is something we can expect to see more of,” and shared how to take inspiration from the hair scarf look to create a more wearable style for your clients, saying “a subtle ways to wear this trend is using the hair to wrap around the hair tie of your ponytail. This covers the tie itself and elevates your style – perfect for party season and an effortless way to play with this trend.”

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