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Five Quick and Easy Summer Updos

by chloeweldon / last updated July 20, 2022

With holiday season in full swing, clients will be clamouring for cute summer updos – with speed at the top of the list. After all, who wants to be slaving away in front of a mirror when they could be out enjoying the sun?

Why not put together a quick styling menu for clients, inspired by some of the most stylish celeb looks? A 15-minute summer styling clinic with simple to follow step-by-steps is a great money-spinner, and a clever way to keep juniors and assistants busy during any potential down time.

We spoke to Asgar Saboo, celebrity stylist and style director at the Daniel Galvin salon in Mayfair to find out his favourite five-minute summer style fixes that are perfect to whip hair up and go — no hairdryers; no straighteners; and best of all, no fuss.

The braided top bun

braided bun - Kim kardashian

“This chic updo is a lovely summery variation of the ballerina bun. It’s quick, it’s chic and it always looks good. Start by creating a high ponytail and place a hair donut at the base to give a nice shape. Cover the bun ring with your hair and secure it with a hair elastic, leaving the hair hanging around the bun. Divide extra hair in to two sections and braid each one of them. Finish by carefully wrapping the braids around the bun and securing with bobby pins.” There are so many different styled braided buns you can try and experiment with. Why not try replicate this look from Kim Kardashian’s US Vogue shoot?

The bubble ponytail

bubble braid hair - Gigi Hadid

“Fun, quick and chic, this hairdo is ideal for a post-beach makeover. Apply a smoothing balm to tresses and gather hair in a high ponytail. Tease the pony to get a nice volume and add a texturizing spray. Take clear elastic bands and place along the length of the ponytail in equidistant intervals. Finish with a light-hold hair spray to keep it in place.” And of course you don’t just have to go with one bubble ponytail, why not try two like Gigi Hadid?

The loose side braid

Hailey Bieber Loose Braid

“This bohemian-chic hairdo is ideal for a summer bonfire party and the perfect accessory for a long floaty dress. French braid the back strands of the hair from back to side and create a side pony tail. Using a paddle brush, tease the ponytail to add volume. Braid the teased hair into a regular braid and pull to to the side to create that nice messy-chic texture.” There are so many different ways to experiment with braids. We love this subtle yet stunning look on Hailey Bieber.

The low bun

Bella Hadid low bun

“The style is simple and understated and can easily be done in less than five minutes. To create this look, pull hair into a low, loose ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Carefully twist the ponytail and wrap it around the base. Finish by securing it with bobby pins.”

The front side braid

Molly mae - French braid

“A playful feminine hairdo, the front side braid is perfect for a summer evening out. Start by applying sea-salt spray to get lovely tousled waves. Part your hair to the side and French braid the front section of your hair. Pin it at the side, leaving the rest of your tresses loose. Use bobby pins to hold it in place.” And if your client is looking for a full-updo look, French braiding the hair and pulling it to the side is also the perfect beachy look – we love this look on Molly Mae!

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