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Why Halo Highlights Are The Summer’s Hottest Technique

by josie / last updated July 11, 2022

Halo Highlights

Halo Highlights are about to become your favourite technique this summer. Why? Their low-maintenance upkeep makes them perfect for clients with a packed social schedule this season, whilst for you: “it’s a quick service that looks like it’s taken hours,” explains Daisy Goord, Wella digital craft expert.

“This technique is perfect because it’s a blend of colours and techniques, so not a stark look. Because you work in an angled section pattern rather than horizontal or vertical, the colour creates a more fluid and expensive looking colour. It can be adapted for natural, visible or dramatic looks; you create the look to suit your clients’ needs,” shares Carolyn Newman, UK ambassador INSIGHT professional.  

“Exactly how they sound, Halo Highlights create a ‘halo’ of lightness around the perimeter of the client’s hair, achieving pops of colour from the front to around the nape of the neck,” says Daisy. Whilst Money Pieces also frame the face, they are “only focused on the front of your client’s hair, are usually very bold and can be completely disconnected from the rest of the colour,” whereas “Halo Highlights are much more tailored to your client, with a natural flow and softness between the brightness at the front and base, going into a blended colour.”

Carolyn notes: “The focal point of this technique are the key areas that the client sees, such as around the face and on the lengths of hair behind the ears that always falls forward. It creates colour brightness like you are walking around with a ring light over top.”

Offering a simple step-by-step, she explains: “Section off a curve section, like a halo shape about three inches wide, from the nape working all the way up to the temple. Starting at the nape, take 45 degree angled sections working from back to front. Depending on how soft or visible you want to see the lights, use slicing, weaving or babylights patterns and work up to the natural parting. You can add subtle babylights on the crown or leave the hair out to give a softer and more natural effect.”

Whilst the technique looks particularly good on multi-toned blondes, according to Carolyn, she also says that it is “perfect for Brunettes who want a natural, sunkissed, and sunlightened effect” – as seen on celebs such as Negin Mirsalehi and Michelle Keegan.

Negin Halo Highlights


Meanwhile, Daisy adds: “Pops of caramel tones with this placement can completely upgrade your brunette clients’ root retouch appointments. Nothing says summer more than sun-kissed hair, and that’s the whole point of Halo Highlights – to create the appearance of post-holiday hair that is fuss-free!”

And, whilst your clients are visiting the salon this summer, why not help to keep their hair hydrated while on holiday?

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