Would You Offer a Fertility Policy At Your Salon?

by robert / last updated March 17, 2022

Medusa Director Colin McAndrew

Salon group Medusa announced a new fertility policy at their annual awards last night (16 March).

During the ceremony, held in Edinburgh, managing director Colin McAndrew said that any team member undergoing fertility treatment will be offered flexible working and two weeks full pay.

In his opening speech, McAndrew revealed the policy was inspired by his own experience, with his wife having recently undergone two rounds of fertility treatment.

“We have an incredible team at Medusa,” he said. “We consistently invest in their professional development but during the pandemic I appreciated just how important it is to also invest in my team as people.

“Having experienced fertility treatment first-hand, I want to help others that go through it also. Supporting them financially as well as creating an open culture in the salon will hopefully help lessen the struggles of such treatment.”

The policy is the latest move from Medusa – Scotland’s fastest-growing salon group – to address the issues women contend with in the workplace. McAndrew and his team have also completed a ‘Menopause in the Workplace’ course with the aim of “opening up the conversation and changing the salon culture [to] better support more females going through menopause and prevent them from leaving the hairdressing industry unnecessarily”.

He added: “25% of menopausal women consider leaving the workplace due to the menopause, and one in every 10 women will hand in their notice. Over 50% of our population will experience the menopause, 90% of the Medusa team are female and 84% of our clientele is female so why is this subject still considered taboo in the workplace?”

Last year Medusa launched a #SalonSafety campaign in response to the death of Sarah Everard. The campaign let women know that their salons are a safe space if they are vulnerable, are being followed, or are in any way in danger – regardless if they are a client.

This year’s Medusa Awards was the group’s first ceremony in three years due to the pandemic. The full list of winners appears below.

Assistant of the Year
Rylee Dryburgh, Musselburgh
Jenna Owens, Bread Street
Taylor Scott, Stockbridge

Stylist of the Year: Eilidh Dewar, Teviot

Senior Stylist of the Year: Donna Cunningham, Broughton Street

Most Improved Stylist of the Year: Katie Paterson, Teviot

Director of the Year: Nicola Mouat, Stockbrigde

Creative Director of the Year: Katrina Sloan, Stockbridge

Salon Director of the Year: Craig Parvin, Broughton Street

Retailer of the Year: Corrine McNaughton, Bread Street

Social Star: Eilidh Dewar, Teviot

Colourist of the Year: Ellie Thomson, Hanover Street

2 x Newcomer of the Year
Debbie Innes, Musselburgh
Marco D’Agostino, Hanover Street

Hairdresser of the Year: Katrina Sloan, Stockbridge

Team of the Year: Bread Street

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